IS MBA must to be a manager?



A manager is a person or an individual who is in charge of certain groups to whom certain tasks is assign. Manager manages the staff in such a way that the group could complete their assigned task before the deadline and achieve success. In short, manger is a person who has complete idea about the vision of the organization and works accordingly in order to achieve the pre-determined vision practically.

Following are the three fundamental skills that the managers should possess:-

Human skill:

The manger should have the ability to cope up with different people and should be able to make them work effectively and efficiently by motivating them and guiding them regularly.

Technical skills:-

                        The managers should be proficient in doing or completing the tasks only when then he can act as guidance to the employers working under him/her.

Conceptual skills:-

Skills regarding the concept of the organization or firm i.e. manager should have all the possible knowledge or information like its vision, mission, objectives, reputation, standard, etc. about the organization .in order to lead from the front as a manager.

Other then the above-mentioned fundamental skills other important skills that the managers require are:-

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Commitment to the Truth
  • Empathy
  • Persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Focus
  • Division of work
  • Ready for uncertainty
  • Project management
  • Administrative skills.

All these skills are very much important for any manager to become successful. There is a considerable debate that we can achieve these managerial skills just by doing MBA, is it true. Let us have a look on what is MBA and in what way it helps the manager?

We are in the era where everyone wants to do MBA, majority of them do not know what MBA is and why it should be done, but still he/she wants to complete MBA. Yes, the rumors are such that by doing MBA people acquire managerial skills and can succeed in life.

During 90’s people, especially managers used to opt for MBA as it involves a lot of client interaction, business development, international travel etc., for which the manager should be able to cope up with the clients, and should be positive. Here, the person was already a manager and opted for MBA just to polish his/her soft and managerial skills and to acquire a standard by getting professional degree by doing MBA. In short, MBA is a Brushing up tool for the people who have the quality of leading others. It is also helpful to others who do not possess the quality of thinking analytically .Also it develops attitude and quality of thinking analytically and logically

In simple words, MBA is a final touch given to the skills you already possess, which is not a compulsion to become a manager.

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).


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