Important Conceptual Questions ( 3 Marks)


(1)    Tax Saving Investments

(2)    Mutual Fund

(3)    Life Insurance Policies

(4)    Secondary Markets

(5)    Hedging

(6)    Bulls & Bears

(7)    Present Value of Annuity

(8)    Fundamental Analysis

(9)    Technical  Analysis

(10)Dividend Discount Model

(11)Convertible Bond

(12)Coupon Rate

(13)Yield To Maturity


(15)Stock Market

Important Formulas of Fundamental Analysis

(1)    Earning Per Share

(2)    Price/Earning Ratio

(3)    Dividend Payout Ratio

(4)    Return On Capital Employed

(5)    Dividend Yield

(6)    Return on Net Worth

(7)    Book Value Per Share

Important Theory Questions (10 marks)

(1)    Elements Of Investments

(2)    Objectives Of Portfolio Management

(3)    Advantages n Limitations of Mutual Fund

(4)    Benefits of NSE to Investors

(5)    Role of SEBI

(6)    Limitations of Ratio Analysis


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