World is not perfect, so how can an Indian bride be perfect. Marriage is not for perfection but for sacrifice, adjustment and flexibility?

Indian women can always be shown as an example of sacrifice. In the ancient and medieval times, Indian women were not even considered as human beings. They were treated so badly by the society. Medieval Indian women and her sufferings are known to the whole world like an open book. Medieval India witnessed women sacrificing her life for her dear ones. This was always considered as a holy thing by the Indian society. In medieval period, a system called Sati prevailed in the Indian society. A widow was supposed to jump into the funeral of her husband, as life after husband’s death was miserable in India. The widow who jumps into the funeral is considered to reach heaven.


We always expect our wife that

  •  she should be mature enough to understand her husband.
  • she should respect his family members especially his father and mother.
  • she should do the house hold chores, if she wants she can keep a maid servant.
  • she can treat her husband as she likes but respecting his mother and father is mandatory.
  • she should not go her mother’s house every time or every other reason.
  • she should give all her virginity to her husband. and make him happy by giving what ever he wants.
  • she should able to understand thing more than loving …because when we love other we expect
  • some thing from others instead we have to understand the behavior and character of others.
  • she should be educated.
  • she should be beautiful or else attractive in looking.
  • more importantly she should adjust in a joint family….

The list is more and more….when u will get married then you will know the actual things. Marriage is the combining of two lives into one life. though they may have smaller interests, they will both be making sacrifices to make the relationship work.

In India, woman always sacrifices her life for some or the other reason. Does this make Indian women special? It is peak time for women all over India to protest against these cruel practices. It is their life and they have the freedom to live it according to their wish. Then why should there be a different set of rules for women in Indian families. Let the women also enjoy the same rules that men do.

Now the question: India justified in expecting brides to sacrifice more than the groom?

Did you get the answer?


BY Amey Khedekar

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