Interview with Siddhi Aras, TYBMS Topper, Sydenham College


Name- Siddhi AnupkumarAras

College –SydenhamCollege of Commerce & Economics

%- 78.33%  


First of all, A Hearty Congratulations to you on this Brilliant Success!

Were you expecting to top in the exams? To whom would you credit this success to?

To be honest I was absolutely sure that I was going to top the exams not because I had followed a strict study regime or mugged up stuff but because I had taken the little extra efforts to visit the library to glance through the reference books, understand the concepts as long as theory subjects were concerned and so also regularly practiced the practical subjects in both Sem 5 & Sem 6. I would like to thank all the faculty members from my college to have instilled the confidence in me and for having trusted and boosted me constantly. I would so also like to thank my parents who always told me it wasn’t only about scoring well but most importantly gaining knowledge.

Did you start preparing right from the first day of your BMS?

Right from my school days I haven’t been a religiously hardworking student as long as my academics were concerned. I believe in having a 360 degrees approach and being an active student not only academically but also in other associated areas. I believe in prioritizing things and giving my best at everything in hand. Since I was juggling between attending college and doing internships I didn’t really get time to study regularly but I made it a point to touch the practical subjects on a daily basis and touched theory as and when the exams approached.

How did you study for Sem 5 and Sem 6?

There was no specific pattern that I followed to prepare for my last year examinations. I concentrated more on the fact of understanding things and putting them in my own words rather than mugging things up which made my life easy as far as theoretical subjects were concerned. On the other hand since I like numbers practical subjects were practiced by me on a regular basis and hence when the exams approached I was in a fairly better position than others.

How did you study for SSF, International finance, Operations Research, Financial Management?

I was a marketing student and hence did not have to worry about SSF. As long as OR, Financial Management and International Finance numerical were concerned I made it a point to refer to an array of books thus solving maximum number of sums which exposed me to different types of numerical and different levels of difficulty. As soon as a topic was started in college I came home and practiced the same as it was fresh in the mind. Since I did not go for any classes I made it a point to get my difficulties solved on time from the professor in college and so these subjects did not pose any threat to me. Initially I found IF theory to be very vast but since I adopted selective study technique, read through the concepts over and over again I was well-off with the subject.  

Which are the easy subjects in Sem 5 and Sem 6? Any special way of writing the answers?

I believe this is a matter of individual choice and interests. But on a general level I preferred practical subjects over theory. I was very fond of financial management and operations research since I was well acquainted with all the topics eventually finding these subjects relatively easy. While writing my paper I always stressed on presentability. I wrote my answers in point form and also added as many real life examples and diagrams that I could which would make my paper stand out from the clutter.

How do you crack Case Studies in Theory and Practical Subjects?

Case Studies are my all time favorite, the main reason being in case of case studies no answer is wrong as all we have to do is give our viewpoint. My approach is to glance through the case study and understand the central idea and link it to my syllabus in that particular subject and come up with appealing descriptive answers.

Any specific study pattern you adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours you allotted per subject per day etc?

Timetables never work for me as the case is with many others. I believe in studying when I feel like studying so that I can finish maximum portion in minimum time. Be it 1 hour, 2 hour or however much of time I study seriously with complete concentration for that much period of time so that when I put away my books I know something more that I didn’t know before. As for me I am always hungry for knowledge.  

What message would you like to give to the coming batches of BMS students?

The only message which I would like to give to the BMS students is that considering the fact that you are going to be future managers give up on the habit of mugging up things because if that is done once the exams get over all the matter flushes out of your brains instead make it a habit of reading not only the text books but also some additional reference books, newspapers and business magazines. Always remember knowledge never goes waste. All said and done prepare well for your papers and be confident of doing well.

What are the future plans?

I have worked with media houses and have worked in difference roles like that of a feature writer, events executive and public relations executive but after having done all of that now I have come back to what my actual calling is which is “Teaching”. Currently I teach BMS students of all years and am looking forward to groom and build more such students in coming years.

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