Q. 1) 5 Interesting Facts About YOU:

1) Achievements / Skills / Knowledge (Academics & Extra-curricular):

2) What is your aim / philosophy of life?

3) What are your future plans after BMS?

4) What are your hobbies / likes?

5) Any dislikes?



1 – Fybms completed with 1st ranker in class. Have achieved best mumbai dancer award. Came 3rd place in science exhibition. Active member of womens development cell in colg. Cultural member. Sports.              

2. My aim is to be a best person, a good daughter and a best achiever in my life. My philosophy towards life is , life is very complicated one should face all the ups and downs of life happily.    

3. After bms I have two plans may be I do mba or I may even go for law.          

4. I like playing batminton, reading books, sharing my views, I like gaining knowledge anyhow.           

5. I don’t like anyone breaking my trust.


Q.2) 5 Fantastic Facts About Your BMS Life:

1) Positive / Negative things about your college?

2) Positive / Negative things about your BMS course?

3) How has BMS course helped you to develop your personality? / What did you learn from BMS?

4) Any changes to be done in BMS?

5) Favorite college memories?


1. I like my college as it is giving availability of all the courses required by a student. The faculties are really very good. They are very supportive.  All staff members are wonderful. Only there should be a strict action against the bunkers as a negative point.                                  

2. Bms course is really very useful for the students like us who wants to do MBA. It is a only course which gives us a knowledge of more subjects than any other course. I don’t think there is any negative points.              

3. Bms have various subjects it helped me to grow my communication skills, the way to present yourself. I learned the management skills from bms. It became easier for me to deal with all types of people.              

4. Bms course is itself with full of knowledge.  I personally don’t feel like any changes to be done in bms course.                         

5. Favorite memories of my business environment presentation. As it was very difficult for us to find all the information but with lots of efforts we did it with all my group members. On the day of presentation we got a tag of best presentation that day and we felt like our efforts proved fruitful.


Q.3) What are the thoughts / advices / tips you would like to give to today’s youngsters?

I would advice youngsters to peacefully select the stream they feel like for their future. As I am a bms student I would tell them to select bms as a stream if they are really interested in MBA. It is very complicated decision for a student to select a particular course , so with a proper survey they should take a decision.  And I think todays youngsters are very smart to take a decision.

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  1. priya parab 6 years ago

    Well done keep it up …..

  2. Alex shetty 6 years ago

    hey shwets all the best for ur future..! God bless u & keep ur good work going! 🙂

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