Q. 1) 5 Interesting Facts About YOU:

1) Achievements / Skills / Knowledge (Academics & Extra-curricular):

2) What is your aim / philosophy of life?

3) What are your future plans after BMS?

4) What are your hobbies / likes?

5) Any dislikes?



1) I  have  had  many achievements  in  life  but  this  of getting selected  as  class  representative (CR) in  my  very  first  year of BMS is my biggest  achievement  in life.


Skills: –  I have a good controlling power and I can be  good  manager.


2) My  aim  in  life  is  to  travel  the  whole world  and  to  open a restaurant .


3 ) My  future  plans  are  to  find  a good  job  after my graduation or else  do  MBA.


4) My hobbies are  reading,  travelling  and  cooking.



Q.2) 5 Fantastic Facts About Your BMS Life:

1) Positive / Negative things about your college?

2) Positive / Negative things about your BMS course?

3) How has BMS course helped you to develop your personality? / What did you learn from BMS?


1) My  college (K.J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce)  offers one  “a beautiful  and  a  huge  campus  with  many  trees  and  makes oneself  close  to  the  nature. College  has  around  4 canteens  which serves  some  really  mouth  watering  dishes. It  also  has  a  Maggie House. It has  a  duplex  library on the third  floor  which offers almost all varieties of book and a separate library for the BMS, BBI and BMM section  on  the  4th floor. College’s huge campus sometime itself becomes a negative point.


2 ) BMS  i.e Bachelor  in  Management  Studies  is  one of the most interesting  courses  one  can  opt  for. It overall develops  your personality  and  grooms  you  in every way. Still now haven’t found any negativity.


3) BMS has  helped  develop  many  personality  in many  ways. I have become more  confident, my public  speaking  skills  have been improved.  And after  getting the  opportunity of being a CR, I have learned controlling situations.


5) For  every  BMS  student  their  presentations  plays  a  very important  part in their life and  yes  it  played  for  mine too. The best memory  I have is  of  my sem-2  in  which  I  played  an  informal  character  and  received  a  lot  of  appreciation  for  not  only  from my classmate  but  also  from  my  faculty.


Q.3) What are the thoughts / advices / tips you would like to give to today’s youngsters?

Young people  must  learn to  adapt  and react to whatever obstacles  or  complications  may  arise. They should understand  and then  speak  and   respect elders.

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