5 interesting things about yourself?

  • Achievements : Improvements in myself is my biggest achievement till date..:)
  • Skills/Knowledge :  Have a bit of knowledge about human psychology. For me understanding other person is most challenging, so this can help me.
  • Aim in life :  To use my strengths in correct way and work on my weakness to become successful.
  • Future plans : Right now after BMS, will go for a job then maybe studies with work to improve my qualifications and then business with my own capital.
  • Hobbies : Trekking, Visiting new places, being with self to understand  myself.
  • Dislikes : Restrictions imposed on girls (but I know how to handle it 😉 )

5 fantastic things about your BMS  life?

  • Positive and negative things about your college: College was fun, a bit problem of lecture timings but that can be ignored. Professors were awesome.
  • Positive and negative things about BMS course : I just have rough idea or the basic knowledge about many subjects. This can b +ve as well as -ve thing.
  • How has bms course helped you to develop your personality : Due to this course now I am not afraid to stand in front of crowd and speak. My self-confidence has improved.
  • Changes you would like to make in the course : Yupp changes I would like that in last year there are more options for specialization so that we get more knowledge in our interested field.
  • Favorite bms / college memories : Clicking pics with my group anytime anywhere and the only IV we had Silvasa…it was awesome.

3 amazing tips to youngsters/juniors?

  • Its a course that gives you opportunity to enjoy completely.
  • Decide your interested field in this journey.
  • Then work on it to achieve your goals.
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