Wish we all were children and we never grew up… The days when we knew all our friends by their first names.. When we played with both rahul and yousuf.. Without caring who they were… When we went to everyone’s house… Without any problem… When we went for all their birthday parties… More interested in what shape of cake was being served.. Rather than thinking that his family was living in a single room…. When we shared our dabbas freely in school.. Rather than thinking that a meat eater’s used spoon should not touch my plate… We knew our parents had problems.. But we would not tell them about these things at home.


I still remember that we would sneak into temples and bring out ladoos…so we could share it with the rest… We were interested in the ladoos.. Rather than sticking to the politics behind it… We never chose a sharma over a khan because of his surname..But chose sharma because he could bat better than khan.

The boundaries were always there… The rules were always laid… But breaking them was important because we wanted to win the game.. Or have good food… The innocence behind the breaking of rules was what saved us from the whole political orientation of thoughts.. But as we pushed ourselves towards studies… We changed…. We didn’t progress…. Except on the report card..We never actually progressed…we left our innocence.. We forgot that food is supposed to be enjoyed because of the taste.. Not because of where it was served.. At rahman’s or at aditya’s.

We call ourselves the next generation… But we still inculcate feelings of hate.. Things which we never knew when we strolled around in our checkered half-chaddis…we will stand for the rights of women when it comes to sati… But will stay mum when a religious leader passes unnecessary comments regarding the other religions…if our silence is our progress.. Then please let us change that…

I am not trying to present a creative piece… But trying to make my fellow people  realize… How we lost our innocence.. And how necessary is it to regain it back…. People say aman kee asha is a joke… I say it’s a challenge… A glimmer of hope for a better future.. We hate people because of things which are done and dusted… We don’t hate the real people behind it.. We hate them who have been forced to hate us…. Wake up … Break the chains…. Don’t try to change things for ourselves.. Change it for the future… Otherwise what’s the use that a certain generation will celebrate 150 years of independence one day..will never remember who gandhi or nehru were… But will hate certain sections.. Not because of a certain cause… But because it is mentioned on a page on wikipedia……

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