Important Question Banks For TYBMS Sem 6 CBSGS & Revised ATKT Exams – November 2014


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TYBMS Sem 6 CBSGS Prelims Question Papers, University Solved Papers, Important Question Banks 2014


Important Question Banks:

exams (1) (400x359)

1) Entrepreneurship and Management of SMEs:


  • Self Help group, Ancillarization, EDP, NSIC, KVIC, Intrapreneur, SISI, Venture capital, Industrial estate

Long Questions

  • Role of SIDBI, Problems faced by women entrepreneur, Sources of funds, Causes of industrial sickness, Steps in setting up an enterprise, How to make a business plan, Contents of a feasibility report, Role of NABARD

exams (1) (602x372)

2) International Finance:

Concept Questions:-
1.    FIAT Currency
2.    NOSTRO/VOSTRO/LORO account
3.    Accommodating and autonomous transactions
4.    PIPS and POINTS
5.    Types of contracts
6.    Purchasing power parity
7.    Managed float
8.    Petrodollars
9.    Hot money
11. Translation risk
12. Tax havens
13. Authorised dealers/Money changers
14. Intervention
15. Yankee bonds
16. Leads/Lags
17. Card rates
18. Participatory notes
Long questions
1.    What are the factors affecting the BOP situations(v imp)
2.    How can a central bank take corrective actions to solve the imbalance in BOP
3.    What factors led to the development of Euro Currency market(v imp)
4.    Explain in details the GDR issue procedure
5.    What is SDR and how can it help in correction on BOP
6.    Explain the various methods of hedging
7.    Role of European Central Bank
8.    Loan syndication
9.    BIS
10. Forward contracts vs future contracts
Case study:
1.    Convertibility of rupee

exams (2) (208x242)

3) Operations Research:

1) For assignment problems, refer to April 2007, April 2003, Aprill 2004 and October 2003 university question papers.
2) Transportation problems, refer to April 2008, April 2011 Unbalanced and maximisation and production type problems.
3) Crashing, refer to April 2010, October 2011 and October 2004.
4) PERT, refer to October 2012 and April 2011.
5) Decision theory, refer to last 3 years university papers, especially April 2012.
6) For concepts, CPM/PERT, Assignment/Transportation, Components of LPP, ISO Profit line, slack surplus, types of floats, graphical redundancy, OR and techniques.
7) Case study – sensitivity analysis and simplex.
exams (2)
4) Indian Management Thoughts and Practices:
  1. Vasudev kutumbkamb
  2. Spirituality
  3. Swadharma
  4. Maya
  5. Koshas
  6. Srt guns
  7. Ethos and features of indian ethos
  8. Imp of indian festivals
  9. Ancient education vs current education
  10. Transformation leadership
  11. Ashtangayoga
  12. Self realization
  13. Concept of mind stilling
  14. Ethical delima
  15. Spirituality quotient
  16. Nishkam karma
  17. Dharmik leadership
  18. Trusteeship

 exams (3) (371x462)


5) International Marketing:

Chapter 1 :

1) Define international marketing- features, importance, advantages.

2) Differentiate between international and domestic marketing.

Chapter 2:

1) Meaning, Definition, Types and forms of tarrif and non-tarrif barriers.

2) Trading blocs – Meaning, definition, Positive, negative impact on international market.

Chapter 3:

1) WTO – Objectives, functions

2) MNC – definition, advantages

Chapter 4:

1) Packaging – Importance and functions.

2) Factors for packaging design in international market

3) Indian Institute of Packaging

Chapter 5:

1) Distribution channels for exporting

2) Types of foreign intermediaries

Chapter 8:

1) Direct vs indirect exporting

2) Problems of entering global markets

Chapter 9:

1) Market segmentation – definition and bases.

 exams (4) (300x400)

6) Retail Management:
  • Retailing[3]
  • Retailers role in distribution channel [5]
  • Store v/s Non Store retailer [37]
  • Multi channel Retailing [38]
  • Types of Franchising [46]
  • Franchising in India [53]
  • Strategic Retail Planning Process[66]
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of high
  • inventory turnover [90]
  • Assortment Planning [92]
  • Factors affecting pricing decisions[114]
  • Markdowns [122]
  • Store Location [137]
  • Floor Space Management [164]
  • CRM [176]
  • Customer Retention [184]
  • CRM Process [180]
  • Drivers of growth of retailers in India [10
  • Types of Retailers [19]
  • Building a Sustainable Competitive advantage [61]
  • Role of IT in Retail [70]
  • Types of Store Layout [158]
exams (5) (316x320)
7) Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management:

Long Questions:

  • What are Investment avenues available to him which will give a stable return with minimum risk?
  • What is SEBI? What are its Functions? Discuss in brief Risk & Return relationship Explain CAPM
  • Brief on Securities Market

#Short Notes:

  • Explain Risk and different Measures of Risk?
  • What is Investment? Explain Objectives of investment & Factors to be considered before Investing?
  • Explain Mutual Fund and its types and cost. Write note on Money Market Instruments. Book Building process
  • Dow Theory


  • Secondary Market
  • Speculation v/s Investment
  • Tax Saving Investments
  • NAV
  • Co-efficient of Variation
  • Doubling Period
  • Convertible Debentures
  • Bull and Bear
  • Support & Resistance
  • Bought out deals.

 exams (6) (500x375)

8) Econometrics:

Numericals on –

  1. Input output analysis
  2. Single equation with 2 and 3 variables
  3. Partial correlation
  4. ANOVA
  5. Game theory
  6. Autocorrelation
  7. Rank and identification in simultaneous equations
Case study –
  1. Simulatenous equations(mostly reduced form)
  2. Model evaluation of 3 variable type

Long answers:

  1. Econometrics
  2. Hypothesis testing
  3. Adjusted R square
  4. Multicorrelation
  5. Game
  6. Strategy
  7. DOF
  8. 2 sided rejection area
  9. Identification problem




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