If He Is Angry With You, Convince Him Using This Way…It Will 100% Work


convince angry boyfriend


What do you think is the most beautiful thing that happens with us? Which is the time when we feel we are in seventh heavens? It is the time when we fall in love the best thing that God gifts us. A person who loves you like crazy and for your one smile can do anything. At least we girls would surely agree that our Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect or in most common words our Bf does a lot for us. Sometimes they go against their parents for us, works day and night just to fulfill our wish, if he stays far and knows you are missing him or you are upset he will be there for you within no time just to stop your tears he will be there near you…and he understands you so well that without you telling him he will understand how you feel and why you feel and will surely make it up to you the best way he can when he know you are angry or upset with him.

Our Mr. Prefect does so much for him. Do we even do even half the things that he does for us? Being girls we give our attitude and countless tantrums to him whom he considers because he loves us and doesn’t say anything over it. There will be very few among us who will actually try to convince him when he is angry or upset. Doesn’t he have the right to get pampered? If nothing at least make up to him when he is angry or upset?If it is a YES and maybe we do not know how to convince him when he is angry then here are few ways to make it up to him….

  1. Say the Golden Word “SORRY”

One thing we girls got to realize we won’t become small if we apologize or say a “SORRY”. This wills surely work when you tell him SORRY you will surely notice that he will forget that he was upset with you and simply will hug you, because for him it will be enough that you made it up to him.


  1. Just Go and Hug Him and tell him I LOVE YOU

Sometimes even the sorry isn’t required if you find it difficult to do it. Just go to him and hug him tight and say how much you Love him and for sure he will smile and become fine, maybe he might shout at you initially but that hug and magical words will surely work miracles.


  1. Try and make him laugh

Another way try and do things that will make him laugh. Sing to him even if you cannot but he will surely appreciate that you did it just for him or behave weird that makes him laugh and he will be all fine and he will be yours no doubt (Laughs)


I feel even if there are ways to convince him but sometimes you in front of him with the feeling of sorry will work as he understands you without you talking and so he will do it even when he is angry. Sometimes he just wants you when he is angry and everything will be fine…so try it…and see how does it work…Love always wins against angry…Even if there are ways try your own cute ways it will surely work.

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