With just 3 days left for the sem 6 to commence, it is again a showtime for tybms.

The most critical situation TY guys face is selecting the optional subjects.

The worst part of our decision was observed in SEM 5 Itself, where many students opted for Finance just for the sake of practical subject, good marks , bla, bla. And how We were led to Crisis with confusion in paper pattern, Chapters and sums.

So, let me help you out for this Sem.

In this sem, we are having 2 elective papers –

-Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management


Before Selecting any of the paper, Just remember these points in mind.

  1. Select the subject according to your interest
  2. Don’t opt for subject considering the exam point of view, think for the future prospects.

Subjects which will help you in your future studies.

Eg. Students looking for Brokerage Enterprise setup or Investment minded can opt for IAPM

3.Don’t think that these particular subject is practical so we can score and theory subject we can’t.

We have seen the after effects of these attitude in our sem 5 in Finance.

4. Do a detail study in the subject you opt for with regards to its scope and specialization advantage.

If you follow these, I am sure you can make the best and Are not CAUGHT IN THE WRONG JOB!!!!


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Faisal Taibani

Faisal Taibani - Campus Representative, K.P.B.Hinduja College of Commerce. [email protected]

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