1. Case study is generally expected on Unit II & Unit III.
  2. Expected Main issues in the case study:       Transportation, Warehousing, Material Handling, Packaging & Inventory management.
  3. Sometimes, Demand forecasting may also be included.
  4. Students are expected to identify Problem areas in the case.
  5. They are also expected to provide Logistical solutions to these Problem areas.
  6. Students should use technical terms while writing the answers.

(e. g. Unitizing, Palletizing, Selective inventory control methods, Break bulk, Movement consolidation, Milk run, Facility structures etc.)


7. Suggested Solutions to Problem areas should be supported by Proper Justifications.

(e. g. if ABC analysis is a suggested solution, you should explain how it will benefit the company in terms of cost control)

8. Write “to the point” answers. Present the answers in proper format e.g. in a point wise sequence. Avoid long paragraphs.

9. Highlight key words.

10. Support your answers by practical examples & diagrams wherever possible.

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Nitin Kulkarni

Prof. Nitin Kulkarni has completed MMS (Mkt.), BE (Civil) and has 5 years Industrial experience in Sales, Admin, Project management. He has 11 years teaching experience in MMS, BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI. He teaches ‘Logistics & Supply Chain Management’ in Sem. V & ‘Operations Research’ in Sem. VI and is currently the BMS Co-ordinator of Viva College, Virar. Prof. Nitin has also published books in Operations Research, QMB and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

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