Friends can be Dangerous



“A friend in need is a friend in deed”…. A very famous proverb. A friend can be the one who can help another friend. Then how can I say that sometimes friends can be dangerous. Strange!!!! Danger need not be always with an intention to hurt you. Danger can be of various forms as well. Think about your friends. I am thinking about my friends while writing this article. This is the best way to connect with this article.

I have many categories of friends. Some friends are for name sake, some are for partying, some are for sharing my stress and feelings, my colleagues are my friends so I can say professional friends and some are just acquaintances. If you have a look at your facebook friends list, how many of you can say that all of them are my friends. None of us have the heart to say this statement. We all know that it is not so. Now the terminology for a friend is changed. It is not more than acquaintances. When I am upset, I do not even have a handful of people whom I can call and start blabbering everything. Because I am scared about the repercussions. The chances of misusing my feelings and personal information has created a barrier inside me, which does not let me share and lighten my heart. I am sure all you readers will be having mutual feelings. Maybe you might deny it now but I can bet that someday you will accept it.

People have become fake. They will pretend to be a friend but from inside they are not more than a blood sucker who are in search of opportunities of hurting you. Again I am not generalizing. My readers and friends should not be offended. If you do not fall in this category, I am proud to know you but I am indicating the rest of world who are opportunists. I am sure even you would have experienced similar feelings. That is why kids are becoming mature early than expected. They start facing this fake atmosphere at an early stage when they hardly understand themselves. This scenario is having a bad effect on their growth and upbringing. Parents cannot be around children 24×7, but parents have also started getting the feeling of staying with their kids 24×7. As a result of their possessive nature, kids lose their decision making power. When the time comes when kids have to make decisions, they are confused. They fail to differentiate between people and intentions. Sometimes they end up hurting themselves. Need not be physically but emotionally and mentally, which will haunt them forever. In fact this fake attitude can be seen in kids as well. They have lost the importance of morals, principles and honesty. They do not realize that fake nature cannot last for a long period of time. When the time comes, they find themselves trapped in a world of masks. This is not the case of children, but the case of every other person, including adults.

So far I was speaking about the dangers that can harm you in a negative way. But do you know we also have dangers in a positive way. Danger of being scolded, taking every small things seriously, somewhere losing the freedom of making decisions, being answerable to our actions to our friends along with our parents, giving time, wishing them on their important days, sticking to our commitments, and many more. This kind of friendships brings happiness and responsibility with itself. Sometimes their possessiveness nature gets into the nerves. It is like a pain in the body organ. We either cannot separate it or keep it. It is my personal experiences. All my friends who I know for a fact are my well-wishers, are the people who get annoyed the most. They worry unnecessarily but at the same time they love you equal to your parents. But this is applicable only to true friends.

Sometimes, they tend to be a hindrance in your career or while you make a decision. They expect you to make decisions that they are comfortable with. Or else they oppose it till the end as we are the ones who have given them the right to speak up even if they do not agree with it. So we will have to bear the consequences. The freedom to do what you feel like is taken away from you to an extent, if they are around. They are the people who get affected the most by your actions. For example, if you spend your Sundays with them and one Sunday you plan it with somebody else without consulting them, this can be a problem to you. They might end up fighting with you which definitely does not make sense. This is because they have set some expectations from you. They expect you to fulfill it. This will not only affect you emotionally but there is chance that your professional life can be disturbed. It is said that if a man’s personal life is happy and successful, then his professional life is great too. Sometimes, our dear friends forget the line of privacy. It is not for all but a few would prefer to have their own personal space. Any interference in their personal space will not be tolerated. This kind of attitude can bring bitterness between them. If they both are aware of each other’s behavior, and are understanding and adjusting, I am sure they will figure out a way which will be right in the center. But if they are not, then there are chances of their friendship breaking up. This kind of friendship demands time, understanding and give and take policy. Also do not forget, patience is the key to any problem. They also expect their opinion to be considered before you make any decision or step. If you fail, they are hurt. In fact you cannot predict why they can be hurt. It is a tedious job which involves a lot of mental stamina.

There are a lot of other aspects which can be described in detail. But I will leave the rest for you guys to figure out, what can be the other dangers to have a friend.

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