How To Handle Failure And Face People?


This topic would have surely reminded you of the old days where you failed in any of your work. It can be a competition or exam or any resolution or it can be your parents’ expectations or your expectations from yourself. Anything is possible. After that failure what was your next action. I am sure you guys would not have lost hope.

You must have taken it as a part of you learning process and a speed brake, which you have encountered. It is there just to slow down your speed and make you see and think, in which direction is your vehicle moving. Is it the path you have wanted to proceed ahead in your journey? Do I still want to move forward? Am I still passionate about the journey?

Do I have to take turn? In short, failure gives you an opportunity to re-assess your decision. It gives you a pause to alter your decisions. As I strongly believe, change is the only constant fact in this universe. When you had opted to drive in that path, the conditions and factors affecting the decision was different.

But as time passes, things change. Circumstances change. People’s opinion change. Your own perspective can change. So the decision that you might have taken earlier can also change. So I think failure is good. Otherwise we tend to lose upon a couple of learnings which can help us in our future. I am sure you guys would have shared mutual thought process as I do. That is why you are here reading my article.

But what about the rest of the crowd, who make the mistake of taking their failure as their lack of ability and intelligence. I am sure you must have heard of some of them or in fact met them in your life. Did you do something about changing their mind-set? If not do it now by sharing this article.

A lot of people will know about our thought process. Possibly they might have heard or read some-where that failure is stepping stone of success but they fail to implement it when time comes. Then in such situation it becomes our responsibility on humanitarian grounds that we should be their strength and remind them of what they already know. To deal with failures and to help people deal with it are two different things. Sometimes both can be dealt in the same manner but sometimes both needs different approaches.

I am sure everybody has their own way to handle failures. So I will not interrupt in that procedure. I would request you people to continue with the same, as long as you are comfortable and can find it effective.

 In case you feel the need to look for some other ways as your existing method is not that effective and is not helping you to cope up with your failure, then why not try some of my ways. The day I fail in any assignment or part of my life, I maintain silence. I avoid discussing about it. Obviously I will be upset about it.

And if my secret mate is around, the one to whom I can share my feeling without any hesitation and I know for a fact that my mate will not judge me for my activities,  I will get in touch with that person and speak it out. It is a very old filmy dialogue, happiness increases and sadness decreases when you share. Although it is filmy but it actually works. That is why we celebrate our happiness or success with our loved ones. On that day I will avoid taking up any activity. I will sit and just chill. After some time, when I feel better, I will start analysing the reason behind this failure. If I find the right person I shall discuss it but it otherwise shut my mouth. I have so many people around me who will try to belittle me by taunting me about it. Oh! I so hate their attitude.

So avoid any kind of conversation with them. At least during this recovery process. During your analysing time, do think about one point, whether you really wanted to do it or not. If the activity is related to your career then, please do read my article on “How to Choose the Perfect Career?” using the link. Once you know what your problem is, fix it. Now to explain the same to others, it is up to you. Find the best way to explain others and ensure they listen to you and not just hear.

Another major problem along with this is facing the people. People includes our parents, friends, society and all other known and unknown people. Technically, the best way to handle them is ignore them and their comments. But I am well aware that it is the most difficult job in the entire world. Even if you are not interested, they will take all the efforts to communicate their opinion to you. Either directly or through your parents. In this case you will have to believe in yourself and your ability. You need to start looking at the positive side of every action. These people know that you can do it and you have the required talent to achieve it. That is why they are interested and expected you to succeed.

Since you could not fulfill their expectations, they are disappointed and are expressing their feelings. I think it is good. Just prove them wrong when you get a second chance. I am sure thereafter they will mind their own business. All you need to do is focus on your work and motivate yourself to stay there till the end. Because no one will have the time and patience to support us. It is always us who will be there. So go for it…….

Friends, success and failure are the two sides of a coin. They go hand in hand. We cannot avoid any of them. You have to experience both and gain the best of both the worlds. This is your responsibility to support yourself and make others believe that you have it in yourself.

– Aishwarya. J

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