Body is the only vehicle you carry all your life even till your death bed.  We all have a body type. Fat, thin, tall or short all these are described when a person talks about the body or address someone. Girls and women in particular are very cautious about their body. Some women reach their late 40’s and still want to look young and dynamic. One should understand that they will look their age as they start growing older. Some women want to be fit which is a very good thing. Most mothers do a lot of house hold work and even work outside in offices they don’t really have the time to work out. Some manage even their workout and their diet that gives them a desired body shape.

Looking good is a good thing but forgetting that you are a mother and trying to look like a 20 year old and stressing about it is a foolish thing to do. If you are 40 and you look 20 very good for you. But also realising by making 20 year olds your friend won’t make you look or act like a 20 year old.

There different and 6 most basic body type or also known as body shapes are as follows:-

  1. Apple shaped.
  2. Pear shaped.
  3. Hour glass figure.
  4. Inverted triangle.
  5. Oval shaped.

We all belong to one of this category of the body type. SKINNY might also be a body type well that’s what we girls call women with actually no flesh, the model type.

  1. The APPLE shaped :-

Apple shaped body type is a type where the body resembles just the way an apple looks. Round and big, in lay man’s term we call it BIG ROUND BALL. The region from the chest to the stomach is where the big fat roundness is noticed. The fat is all around the region from below the neck to the lower abdomen. The next time you see a round ball looking male or female don’t make fun of them rather understand that his/her body type is apple shaped.

  1. The PEAR shaped body.

The pear shaped body is said to be one of the most amazing body type yet less desirable. In this type of body the body looks like the lower curves of a breast. As the name it resembles the fruit pear. It has a curve but is slightly bigger on the lower body. So many women today desire a big booty. The lower body is bigger than the upper body. Say if women wear a large size of the upper body she wears a XL on the lower body. Although a few men prefer such women with this kind of body and find them hot. Sometimes it looks a little too awkward especially whiling wearing a tight fitted pant. You look perfect till the breast and suddenly you look down the body seems to be enlarged.


This is the most desirable figure. Also known as 36-34-36. The right curves at the right place the perfect figure. Not pear shaped nor apple shaped. Neither skinny nor fat. Just the right shape. Many actresses attain such a figure. It requires hard work, workout and loads of health conscious people around you to help you achieve it. It is considered to be the best and the sexiest body type. Every man desires a woman to have such a figure. Like the 7up bottle just the way Mallika Sherawat in one of the 7up ads has portrayed her self-something like that.

  1. Inverted Triangle body type:-

We all know how a triangle looks like if you turn the triangle upside down forms a shape which shows the upper part broad and the lower part narrow. In the similar manner some women have a different type of body they have broad shoulders. They seem big on the upper body not round but broad shoulder the way men are supposed to have. It makes them look manly but that is a body type you cannot deny. While the shoulders and the back are broad and wide in lower body is exactly the opposite. The legs are exactly the opposite shaped and girly. When you look at their toned sexy legs you wonder how beautifully their legs are shaped but as you move towards the upper part of their body you notice the broad shoulder and the manly feeling.  Not only women even men have such a body type.

  1. The rectangular body type.

This type of body type is very rarely noticed by people. Sometimes it is often misunderstood as perfect body or if a little fat then plain carom board or pillow type body. The front portion right from the shoulder to the tummy region is like a triangle. The length between the chest and the lower abdomen is more. Often very tall people have such a body type. While short people and fat individuals don’t know when the chest starts and when it ends and reaches the stomach, funny as it sounds it is a fact.

  1. The Oval shaped body type.

This shaped body type is the one that probably Hollywood actress Queen Latifa has. In this type of a body the waist size is almost the same size as your bust and hips. While your hands and legs are thinner. For such women A LINE DRESS would work perfectly. As their body lacks the curvy element unlike the hour glass or pear shaped that looks like a pot shaped. In fact in this body type the stomach looks bigger than even what your breast and hip could look. This creates a bulky body feeling. Women use a tummy tucker in order to help the tummy look less bulgy but it barely helps.

There are more body types and more depth of it which probably doctors could help you out with. All I would like to conclude is we all have a body type and we all should be proud of having a different body. We must also take care of our body and not be so obsessed and figure conscious that we lose our peace of mind.

  • Carren bryne.
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