It’s human nature to form opinions on what they see, on the appearances. Not only things but people are also judged in this way. Knowingly or unknowingly many of you form opinions on the appearance, on the beauty of that particular thing. And judging in this way often proves you wrong because we all know that “Appearance is deceptive”.
If you are one of those who allow their eyes to form opinions, then this is for you..

1-You always take care that you look perfect..
     Since you judge people on their appearance, you make sure that you are fit for doing that.

2-You hate it when your friends just don’t even try to look presentable..
       Seeing your friends look like jokers is something that really irritates you.

3-People’s appearance decides whether you are going to start a conversation with them or not..
       You can easily form some kind of opinion about a person by looking at them. This is why many a times you don’t even try to know people.

4-This habit is also beneficial for you..
     Whenever you are supposed to pick something up, maybe a gift, things you choose are the best ones. This can only be done by you!

5-You hate it when you realize that your judgment wasn’t correct..
      Many a times it happens that you are proven wrong because of your judgment given on appearance. This is obviously something you’ll hate.

6-Pleasure to your eye is the pleasure to your heart..
         If things or people are appealing to your eyes then you’ll definitely love them.

Lastly, “Beauty is something very important for you”. After all it is your right to have beautiful things in your beautiful world.


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