Women are considered the strongest people on earth. They can bear a child and bear the pain as well and easily look fine. Child birth is like a rebirth for a mother. She doesn’t only give birth to a child; a child gives birth to a mother. It is like a new life all together. Some people die giving birth to their children as some times you cannot bear the pain or may be your body is very weak to handle the pain. Women face a lot of problems as they grow old they grow weaker. Their bones become weak and it thus causes a problem for them to continue working. There are many such problems that women face, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and most of all are arthritis. All these problems even men have to face but the increase of disease in women are seen higher. Increase in arthritis today is a major problem.

Arthritis is one such disease where the bone joints pain and your legs and hands swell up. The oil that is secreted from the joint tends to get dried up. Since there is no lubrication the bones become weak and swollen. It is very painful as sometimes you cannot even walk properly. The kind of pain you feel in chicken gunia where the body aches and you cannot bear the pain is somewhat what you feel when you get arthritics. There are different types of arthritis. Mainly in women a lot of rheumatic arthritis is seen. In Rheumatic arthritis the body joint swells and you cannot walk as well as there’s redness as well that is seen.

Rheumatic arthritis mainly happens in women. Common diseases seen among women are rickets, osteoporosis, arthritis (rheumatic arthritis) and all sorts of joint pain. It mostly happens because it is hereditary. Hereditary diseases automatically pass on to your children. Some of the hereditary diseases are diabetes, hypertension, poly cystic ovarian disease (pcod) and even arthritics. Arthritis is become so common among women. Every 3rd women is seen to have arthritis. Women should be very careful these days and regular health check-ups should be done in order to take precautionary measures.

There are several diseases where joint pain is always seen. Generally when a person has “arthritis” it means that they have one of these diseases, which may include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout and pseudo-gout
  • Septic arthritis
  •  spondylitis
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Still’s disease

Gout is another painful disease in arthritis where there is inflammation or redness of the toe. The big toe is what you see. Gout was once known as the “disease of the kings” or the rich man’s disease but it is nothing to get happy about. It only means it is a rare disease and not everyone gets it. Out of 100000 people one is chosen. Gout is very painful and we common people wouldn’t know it. It takes years probably to get it treated. My mom herself being the victim of gout always keeps telling people that gout happens 1 in 100000 people and I was the one who was chosen for this disease, such an opportunity:-p well she keeps joking about it but is something that not all people can handle. It is very painful and may take years to cure.

My mom had gone to a doctor in dombivli who got her cured from gout and it was a homeopathy doctor. Indeed homeopathy takes time but it does help. Women especially must try and avoid allopathy medicines and they have side effects. However ayurvedic and homeopathy seem to have a slow effect but it does affect and delivers results naturally. Patience is a virtue and people who have it while facing all these kinds of diseases will survive and will win.

Gout mainly is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol, meat mainly red meat and beer. Beer and other alcohol are considered more risky than wine in fact wine is considered healthy. Prior to the consumption of wine if we have a glass of water and then drink wine we do not put on weight s compared to that of a person who doesn’t have wine. As a child mothers always warn you not to have sour stuffs. Girls usually love eating and relishing on sour stuff like kokum, tamarind, raw mango, star etc. this causes a problem later as we may get joint pain and also may result into arthritis.

Many people not only women but men too love have pickles and other tasty tangy food and pickles it is certainly not good for health. It may seem tasty now but later on you may have a tough time. Also having yogurt during joint pain or arthritis is bad. Yogurt is a little sour although it may be fresh but it can give you more pain in the joints incase if you are suffering from joint pain. Basically avoiding everything that is sour and that may swell up your joints and cause inflammation and pain should be avoided.

Women especially should look out for various symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. Morning stiffness
  3. Joint stiffness
  4. Joint pain
  5. Fever
  6. Numbness
  7. Decrease in range motion.


In rheumatic arthritis you may also feel symptoms like

  • Weight loss
  • Low appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Chest pain difficulty in sleeping etc.

Don’t ignore such symptoms.


By Carren bryne

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