Does India needs dictatorship or dictator?

The question looks simple but its difficult to answer. India is one of the greatest democracies in the world and the word dictator is losing its ground day by day. The elections in Pakistan have brought a set back for Musharraf, the dictator president. Another era of dictatorship Fidel Castro comes to an end after his steeping down. Dictator Saddam Hussein is no longer to rule. So WATS the message we get here..?
The growth and stability of a nation is closely related to its foreign policy. The global economy is flexible today because of best foreign policies of countries across the world. India is good maintaining foreign policy. Dictatorship in India will cause unrest and conflict that will lead to destruction, as evident from world history. The dictator like Vladimir Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler caused destruction and unrest. This could be a positive aspect of dictatorship. But only being good in foreign policies will not help. India is just a developing country. WHY CANT INDIA BE A DEVELOPED COUNTRY?

Our freedom fighters have given us a wonderful gift that is FREEDOM TO LIVE. But how much are using it in a proper way. All of us are misusing it and all are just being selfish. We are not Indians but all think that i am a Marathi, i will support only Marathi and it also applies to all castes. Politicians are just seeing how can they make more money. When a person is qualified for a government job but he/she is of different caste does he gets job??? Then we also hear “mere upar bhi bahut log baithe hue hai” is these democracy????. the policy gone yaar OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. now it has become OFF THE PEOPLE, BUY THE PEOPLE AND FAR THE PEOPLE.

Now let us take an example that if there’s a traffic police standing we follow the rules as we know that he/she will poke us punish us but if there would be no traffic police then people would drive as they want. So here traffic police is playing a role of dictatorship. But there might be one question you might have that Hitler was also a dictator but he didn’t play a role of dictatorship. But i think that if there is a benevolent good dictator India might progress and the basics can also be known to Indians which would help India to rise as Indians are misusing the freedom given to them and they are well disciplined when someone shows a stick to them. Even Indians are not aware of the democratic rules and just for name sake it is told that India is a democratic country and its progressing but we all know in what circumstances are we and how much India is progressing.

So now if India change leader and he is a social leader than India can also progress as a democratic country but only with unity of all Indians. And if not then dictatorship will work out but the dictator should be benevolent and kind-hearted.

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I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a happy go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well. I am fun loving kinda person and talkative too.

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