Life imprisonment is good alternative to capital punishment?


Life imprisonment


This is really a sensitive and delicate issue that which is the most effective one. There is a saying which goes like this ” to err is humane, to forgive is divine”. Nobody is perfect and each of one makes errors in life but what matters is degree of error he/she makes. To forgive is not easy no doubt but its a heavenly quality that is given by the supreme soul. Our society must realize this and give an opportunity to criminals to repent for their mistakes and work on reforming themselves. But a question that arises in mind how many people or say criminals are existing in these world–how much and to how many will a society give chance to repent that is really a unresolved issue and a sensible question that arises…………

Why does a society punish its members for certain acts that are offensive and unacceptable to its law and codes? This can be starting point of exploring our dilemma about death penalty vs life imprisonment..

It is argued that fear of death deters people from committing crimes and the penalty of death exerts a positive moral influence.
democratic country, like India, have been very sparing in pronouncing death sentences in the ‘rarest of rare cases”. Yet, crimes of murder and rape and the cruel manner in which they were carried out, at times, make ordinary citizens support and commend death penalty and believe that fear and intimidation of capital punishment shall keep other citizens from violating the social and normative codes of their State and society.

Capital punishment is favored by ordinary people as they think that its fear will reduce crime rates. But There are no actual statistics about the deterrent value of capital punishment as it is impossible to know who may have been deterred or not deterred from committing a crime.
If some one is thinking of committing murder and is aware that he will be released because of early parole, then it will not deter any future crime from happening.
But capital punishment demeans the moral order and can bring the criminals to moral equality.

People who choose the death penalty, most importantly, choose it for this. It brings them peace knowing the murderer cannot return. They believe that once the act is done that their loved ones can move on and be at rest. However, whether it’s capital punishment or life imprisonment the killer is caught. People who choose capital punishment think that it brings justice back to the victim and/or their family. It seems like the right idea to them. But is it really justified? If we are against murder it wouldn’t be right to commit the act ourselves by condemning someone to it. We would be contradicting ourselves. Justice isn’t the same thing as revenge.

So is capital punishment or life imprisonment best? Although many choose capital punishment, wouldn’t you rather lock someone away than end their life? In prison they receive three square meals a day. The food, however, is awful and hardly edible. There’s shared cells with other murderers, rapists, child molesters, and more. Wouldn’t this harsh life be a better justice than being a murderer yourself? An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

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I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a happy go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well. I am fun loving kinda person and talkative too.


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