Exams are the written proof of what we have studied. We all hate exams well there are a few who love exams. Exams are stressful and fun too. Sometimes it’s all like a challenge that we have to face. Dealing with exams is not easy. Studies are important and so are exams. Many people don’t like studying and thus hate exams. Our grades prove our intelligence well that’s not always the case. There are people who can really do better thing in life and do not need to prove themselves by exams. By exams is a part and parcel of life. Exams are a priority. It is important to give exams. Mark sheets matter when you go further fetching or hunting a job.

Many students have this last minute studying and revising habit. Well we do manage to pass but getting good graded I doubt. For the last minute studying we need to be mentally prepared. There is just so much of stress and tension. Humans are lazy and studying certainly isn’t something that interesting. When you have exams next day studying is the need of the hour. We need to study and have no options. Last night study is possible you will pass and get done with it. But what about board exams? Board’s exams are approaching in the next 20 days and you haven’t yet opened books you are boarded to study you don’t know how to start off, here are a few tips.

  1. Firstly check your board time table

You should check your board time table and jot it down in a piece of paper and stick it up on to the place where you can see it right in front of you. You will notice the time table every time you look around and it will make you realise you have an exam. You may get the subjects and the dates in head that will make you actually feel like opening your books and going to the syllabus.

  1. Secondly count how many days are left for board

Count how many days are left for boards and accordingly count the number of subjects. Divide it and then use it according to per subjects.

  1. Prepare a study time table now

According to the different subjects prepare the time table and see what you have to study first. If you have a maths subject keep practising it every single day while if you have other subjects do it simultaneously. Keep a target and make sure you complete it in the given 24 hours.

  1. Stay away from your phone and other social networking sites

Board exams is not a joke wasting time and spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp is a sure waste of time. Rather study instead of wasting time. Watching unnecessary TV is also a major waste of time.

  1. Keep all your books together

Many times we don’t know where our notes and books are. Half the time we don’t even have our books in place or have misplaced them at such time we end up crying. Don’t wait till the last minute. First search your books and keep them in order.

  1. Study only one subject and not too many

Study only one subject at a time. No need to multi task it is not going to help you. Keeping all your books ready is a good thing but you must know that when you study one subject keep books of only those subjects. Do not unnecary keep books of other subjects and get confused what to study.

  1. Take enough breaks

Don’t study so much that you don’t take a break and end up falling sick. Take enough breaks and avoid taking a longer break. Else you will land up wasting time. Keep a target of completing your targets and finishing your study for the day.

  1. Avoid eating outside food

Avoid eating outside food as you may land up falling sick. It will be a waste of time you cannot afford falling sick when you have an exam to write in 3 weeks. Eat home food and light food instead.

  1. Do not over eat

Even if you are eating home food avoid over loading your food. Food which is oily and fattening and especially rice makes you sleepy you fall asleep and thus land up ignoring your books. You don’t get sleep in the night and end up staying awake. This often results into headache in the morning.

10. Exercise

Exercise during exams don’t over stress but take a break n exercise probably walking or gymming could be the best thing you can do while you are taking a break from studies. Exercise helps you release stress. And you may get a good sleep at night and you can wake up early.

11. Practise question papers

Practise question papers it isn’t possible. Well it is, you can at least go through it and revise all the questions and try memorising the answers to the questions that have appeared in the question papers. If you cannot solve them at least have a look at it. Look through it and you may have an idea of what you will appear further.

These are few things you could do while you are exam stressed. Just deal with them calmly and finish with your daily duties. Calm down a little and keep your head on your shoulders. Don’t be over confident nor under confident. Just stay calm and relax and keep studying. Once you give your paper just forget all this and continue to working on another paper. Solve maths and accounts related subjects.

Once your exams are done you will definitely feel happy and you can go on a long vacation or holiday. Party and have fun you can do all the things you couldn’t do in this 20days of sacrifice. You can definitely treat yourself for all the hard work and sacrifice you did during your study leave. All the very best friends.

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