15 Amazing Things Only Blunt People Understand



Being diplomatic and thoughtful is just not the key of a blunt person. They very well known the “mufhat” loves to be like the way they are. They know they sometimes speak an edge more but this doesn’t pay any regret to them. They are happy the way they are and speaking what they feel is always correct according to the laws. They cannot be quiet and have an opinion on actually everything. They are judgmental but intelligent too. It’s fun to be with an honest blunt person except when you invite some awkward situations together. Otherwise everything is perfect. So here are few things which only the blunt species will understand and feel too deep.


  1. People stay away from you.

All around you slowly realize your blunt nature and find it safe to distance themselves from you. This usually includes the shy ones and extra smart people. Even if they lag with you, you know they will try to make an advantage to them by doing that. But you know what the truth is and find no shame in confronting them with truth.

  1. You create a strong image.

Your blunt style impresses everyone, May someone is impressed by you or think you are a nut. Everyone is aware that you have got a strong pitch and opinion and can hit anytime if they make a mistake or opposite reviews. They consider you in their list of “threats to deal with” before launching something. And even you feel proud to walk in anywhere because you know your blunt nature provides you an extra shield of confidence.

  1. You are always happy.

Yes you are. Since you do not have things stinking in your stomach. All is out fresh. You are not the diplomats who constantly grill their heads and then output an opinion. Also because you don’t hold grudges in your heart. Everything is out spoken. You are blunt and you have decided not to change yourself, which still makes you a part of the blunt people’s list and hence you are a happy person.

  1. People love you.

Your crystal heart is what people see when you are out spoken. The kind and brainy people know you are just posting your reviews and you are strong enough as you don’t feel it a wrong work. You understand what freedom is and you follow that. People love you and are fond of you due to your this nature. You make real friends and people around you.

  1. People beg advice from you.

Since all know you will speak realistic things and won’t support it with bias diplomatic judgments people come to you always for an advice. Many advices. You on your part respect their decision and be brutally blunt, not caring what the person will think, feel or say. You are wearing your “the expert blunt” hat and stay very loyal to your tag.

  1. You make like best friends.

Your other blunt species quickly recognize you and invite you to their community. Also people who accept and laugh hard at your harsh jokes become your best buddies. They support you in all your blunt movements and you find really lucky then others to have such friends.

  1. Your expressions says it all.

Yes you are the expression Kings and Queens. You do not need your golden words to be spelled out from your tiring mouth always. Your facial expressions does it all. You have one for every situation. This may anger some around you but who cares.

  1. You face a lot of criticism.

It’s obvious when you speak truth, there are thousand fingers raising at you. You face criticism everywhere. Right from your school then college and then work and family life. People give you lectures to turn diplomatic, you even try to do that but still the blunt gene never leaves you. You tend to be honest at some point.

  1. Being diplomatic makes you die.

As said above you try to change yourself and turn a diplomat but then what you find is really unhappy. You have to be honest since your gene, DNA, blood cells and each tissue starts dying when you leave your blunt ship. Being honest rejunavate you and you feel back.

10. People find you irritating and unsocial.

Going out for a part or any social event-people know they are going to get all eyes at you and your group. So they stay far at such occasions and even avoid it.

11. You always tone the things down.

You realize something has slipped from your mouth and it’s really not suitable for the situation. You start mugging up weird things and say things which will tone down or help to equalize the hot situation. You do it so many times that you become an expert on how to tone down things.

12. You are never sorry.

It’s in your genes. You never regret. The very basic idea of a blunt person is having an honest nature. And honest people are never sorry for their acts. It’s sometimes when they feel they have performed something wrong and they need to apologize for the same. And they do apologize without holding egoist nature.

13. You LOVE when people praise you.

Often experiencing criticisms and anger – when someone praises you… wow! It takes no second for you reach the top most paradise and dance in extreme happiness. You fall in love with the person who praises you and become a fan.

14. Rejection doesn’t scare you.

You are not only blunt in speaking but also accepting things which comes and goes your way. You are not the person who cries in a corner for losing an interview or a debate.

15. You are a good person.

You know this, your friends and family knows this. And this itself is enough for you. You know you only speak the truth and it’s your nature. If someone feels bad they should know that there are varieties of people everywhere they have to deal with and even worst people. But a blunt one is just saying what’s in his heart.





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