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“Concentration” is a magic key. It is a 13 letter words. It is very simple and powerful. It has a tremendous power. Concentration means “The ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever directions one would be intend”

To concentrate means to bring to a point. To concentrate the mentality means to bring the thinking to bear on one point of interest and to hold it there. Concentration has little to do with will power.

Now, in this world we become busier and busier with more TV stations, Radio stations, website, E-mails, Mobiles phones etc. These all things interrupt our daily life. We accept these entire things in our life but actually in reality we are not successful in our life because whatever we use now days they kill our time. We wanted to be successful but not able to concentrate on anything.

Success and failures are part on the progress in life. In our life we handled both the things differently. For both the success and failure one of the common factors is “concentration”. If we concentrate we got the success. We can see in our daily life.

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When cricket was going on there have been several instances, when batsmen achieving a milestone like scored a century, a double hundred these all things due to concentration .They focus on their work and they get happiness on success. Similarly, the failure happens on success. Similarly, the failures on capable batsmen were mainly due to the lack of concentration. If they focus when they are playing they also get success in their life.

Concentration can improve with constant habits and training.  Concentration will be required to retain our focus while reaping success and also to being back the lost focus due to failures. We all have the ability to concentrate but at a time our thoughts are scattered and our mind race from one thing to another .To deal with such times, we need to leave and practice concentration skills and strategies. Ability to concentrate depends on our commitment, our enthusiasm for the task.

Skills of doing the task, emotional and physical state and environment. These all things going to help us to increase the concentration power. After getting the success also we have to concentrate on those things.

At last conclusion is concentration always helps us to solve the problems and come up with the fastest path to achieve the goals. It is very difficult to succeed without concentration.

So a mind that concentrates is a beautiful mind. Mind only gave the result and power to overcome with challenges.


BY Sanjana Shambhu Singh

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