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Legendary Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born on 19th February, 1627 in Shivneri Fort. As per tithi, 19th March 2014 is celebrated as Shivaji Maharaj Birth Anniversary. Founder of Maratha Empire, Shivaji Maharaj was a OBC from the Bhosale dynasty who led a resistance to free the Marathas from Sultanate of Bijapur and establish the rule of OBCs. In 1869, Jotiba Phuley was the first person to start Shivaji Jayanti for the first time in India and also discovered the grave of Shivaji Maharaj on Raigad Fort.

Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated on a large scale in Maharashtra and on this occasion, several processions are taken out and people dress up like Shivaji and his associates. The birthday is celebrated remembering the achievements of the great ruler. Shivaji was formally crowned as a Chhatrapati in 1674 at Raigad fort and he died in 1680. Shivaji Maharaj is known for his courage, intelligence and a source of inspiration for generations.

Here we present Marathi  and English SMS for Shivaji Jayanti to message your friends, relatives and colleagues :


Proud Pratap Purandar Kshatriyakulavatamsh
Simhasanadhisvar Maharajadiraj
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jay
Happy Shivaji Jayanti.


Yashvant Keertivant
Samartyavant Varadavant
Punyavant Neetivant
Janata Raja. Jai Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


I wish you and your family a very Happy Shivaji Jayanti. May you be successful in your work and Shivaji bless you. Jai Shivaji.


ना शिवशंकर… तो कैलाशपती,
ना लंबोदर… तो गणपती,
नतमस्तक तया चरणी,
ज्याने केली स्वराज्य निर्मिती,
देव माझा एकच तो…
।। राजा शिवछत्रपती ।।
Happy Shivaji Jayanti.


ॐ” बोलल्याने मनाला शांती मिळते.
“साई” बोलल्याने मनाला शक्ती मिळते.
“राम” बोलल्याने पाप मुक्ती मिळते.
“जय शिवराय” बोलल्याने आम्हाला शंभर वाघाची ताकद मिळते.
Jai Shivaji!


मराठा छत्रपती आमुचा वंश
मराठा आमुची जात..!
जो करेल महाराष्ट्राचा घात त्याच्या कमरेत घालू लाथ.
जय शिवाजी जय भवानी


Maratha Chatrapati Aamucha Vansh
Maratha Aamuchi Jaat..!
Jo Karel Maharashtracha Ghaat Tyachya Kamret Ghalu Lath.
Jay Shivaji Jay bhawani
May Shivaji Bless you.


Andhar Far Jala ,
Ata Diva Pahije,
Afjalkhan Far jale,
Ata ek Jijaucha Shiva Pahije.
shatkanchya yadnyatun
Uthali Ek Jwala ,
Dhaha Dishanchya tejatun,
Arunoday Jahala.
“Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji.”

Here we present Amazing wallpapers, images and photos of Shivaji Maharaj:

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6


p7  p9 p10

Leadership and Management Skills You Can Learn From Shivaji Maharaj:

1) Shivaji Maharaj was a democratic leader who taught to think out of box and led by examples.

2) Shivaji Maharaj was a father-figure to his citizens and he always protected and worked for the welfare of his citizens and subjects.

3) He was successful in all his endeavors and never hurted anyone for his own benefits.

4) He established a fair administration of income tax and employed civilians to collect taxes.

5) He also established the system of affordable loans for farmers in need.

6) His policies are relevant even after 300 years which clearly shows that he had the art of attracting and retaining loyal followers.

7) He was a visionary and a successful leader of all times.


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