“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Says Mehekka Oberoi, TYBMS Topper 2013, R.A. Podar College


A student life is full of challenges but your perception about the challenge is what will make a difference. Overcoming a challenge is nothing but perceiving it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Now, most of you would be keen on knowing the formula or ways to study, actually waiting for me to share the ways or tips to study and this is what I have to tell you, there is no different way in which I study than in the way anyone of you studies. So, anyone of you can become a topper. And what will it take to become a topper. Nothing much, just a dream that you want to become a topper n there you will become a topper. But most of us never dream, because we think we are not capable of being a topper.  Each and everyone of us has the potential of becoming a topper, Just trust that power present within you and then “SKY IS THE LIMIT”.

“A bird sitting on a branch doesn’t get frightened by the shaking branch

because the bird trust not the branch

but its own wings….Trust yourself always.”

A small set back is not the end. It is the beginning of a new journey. Every day is a new day and a new experience through which one can learn. ZINDAGI KI YEHI REET HAI HAAR KE BAAD HI JEET HAI. Failure is the stepping stone towards success. Learning from failures is the key to success. It is said that, Success comes to those who make it happen and not to those who let it happen. Be a person who makes things happen. Prepare your own plan and goals. It is said, In the marathon of life success calls for dedication to the goal, perseverance, compassion for everyone and faith in God. So, success is there waiting for you, Go grab that success for yourself.



One thing each one of you should remember is that how much ever successes you get in life don’t forget the roots. A tree that has grown tall has grown because of strong roots, so roots are the reason for it to reach its high. Similarly in life, our parents, our teachers are the roots.

We also have one more responsibility that is our responsibility towards the society. Give back to the society what you have got from it. If you have the knowledge SHARE IT. We think that why should I give my notes to this girl or that boy, they will study from my notes and top. But this will never be the case. They will top not because of your notes but more because of your thinking that the person will top. Remember one thing, No one is this world can snatch your success from you; it is just YOU who will snatch it from yourself.

My ambition in life is just this much that whatever I become or do in life at the end I should lead a blissful life.


This belief would help me lead a happy and an amazing life full of enthusiasm.



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