This is a weird kind of question that I thought about “can too much study be bad for me”. But have you guys ever thought about it. Obviously our parents do not feel this way. But it is us who study. Not specifically teenagers but any person of any age who is still continuing to study. I myself study along with my work. Sometimes I go crazy with too much studies. I kind of lose interest and start hating it. I am definitely not going up to those people who feel that studies are so exciting that they can do it 24×7 only if they do not have to sleep, eat, bath or fulfil their social commitments. I am talking about normal person who can get bored if he/she does one thing continuously. In my opinion too much studies can end up bad. Studies will never have a bad effect but it can definitely have some effect which may not be appreciated.

Thinking about this, I did come up with a few effect. You can say this my personal experience. I am brought up in a surrounding where people are recognized for their marks, achievements and qualifications. Sometimes this kind of attitude brings pressure along with itself. I am sure everyone is aware what be the consequences of immense pressure. If we are not strong enough to handle it, you can experience nervous breakdown. Sometimes kids lose interest and behave violently if insisted up on proceeding with studies. Studies are something which people should enjoy when they do it. But any forceful act will become a punishment and not pleasure-giving event. In this case success is too far to achieve.

What is the solution to this problem? Well there is no correct answer but in my opinion we should let kids be free. I am definitely not saying that we should let kids play even if it there exams next day but what I meant was too much pushing should not be there. If the kids are scoring average marks, let them score. Motivate them to do better in next exam. If studies is not the field of their interest, try looking for an alternative. Try to find any hidden talent, if given right training can be his future. I am sure everybody is slowly gaining this opinion that today we have plenty of options in terms of career. Sports, acting, T.V. anchors etc. are some of the areas.

People studies are a passion. Only interested candidates can do it. You should have the basic qualification. But it need not be the deciding factor of your career. This is my humble request to all of you. Try and stop if you see any child under pressure because of studies. However let me also add that studies and education is the biggest weapon that any person can have. With that weapon we can win this world. If you do not believe it do your own research. It gives you a sense of respect and positive attitude to be in front of everybody. Again it is my opinion and experience. It has nothing to do with people who feel that they have a different opinion. It is fine. India is a democratic country. They proceed with their opinion.

Still I feel that we should strengthen our qualifications, not necessarily in any professional field, it can be any. But increase your qualifications and feel like a king.

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