Business Environment Syllabus and Reference Books


UBMSFSII.1 : Business Environment


[50 lectures: 3 Credit]


The objectives of the course are:


  • The basic objective of the course is to develop understanding and provide knowledge about business environment to the management students.


  • To promote basic understanding on the concepts of Business Environment and to enable them to realize the impact of environment on Business.


  • The provide knowledge about the Indian and international business environment.


Unit Name of the Topic No. of
Unit 1 Introduction to Business Environment 12
a) Business – Meaning, Definition, Nature & Scope, Types of Business
b) Business Environment- Meaning, Characteristics, Scope and Significance,
Components of Business Environment.
c) Micro and Macro Environment – Definition, Differentiation, Analysis of
Business Environment, SWOT Analysis.
d) Introduction to Micro-Environment –
Internal Environment: Value system, Mission, Objectives,
Organizational Structure, Organizational Resources, Company
Image, Brand Equity
External Environment: Firm, customers, suppliers, distributors,
Competitors, Society
e) Introduction to Macro Components – Demographic, Natural, Political, Social,
Cultural Economic, Technological, International and Legal)
Unit 2 Political and Legal environment 12
a) Political Institutions- Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Role of government in
Business, Legal framework in India.
b) Economic environment- economic system and economic policies. Concept of
Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy
c) Impact of business on Private sector, Public sector and Joint sector
d) Sun-rise sectors of India Economy. Challenges of Indian economy.
Unit 3 A) Social and Cultural Environment – Nature, Impact of foreign culture on 12
Business, Traditional Values and its Impact, Social Audit – Meaning and Importance
of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Business
B) Technological environment -Features, impact of technology on Business
C) Competitive Environment – Meaning, Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis,
Competitive Strategies


Unit 4   International Environment – 14


  • GATT/ WTO: Objective and Evolution of GATT, Uruguay round, GATT v/s WTO, Functions of WTO, Pros and Cons of WTO.


  • Globalization – Meaning , Nature and stages of Globalization, features of Globalization, Foreign Market entry strategies, LPG model.


  • MNCs – Definition, meaning, merits, demerits, MNCs in India


  • FDI – Meaning, FDI concepts and functions, Need for FDI in developing countries, Factors influencing FDI, FDI operations in India,


b) Challenges faced by International Business and Investment Opportunities for Indian Industry.




Reference Books:

  1. Morrison J, The International Business Environment, Palgrave
  2. Francis Cherunilam, Business Environment-Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi
  3. Aswathappa, Essentials of Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi
  4. MISHRA AND PURI, Indian Economy, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi
  5. Business Environment Raj Aggarwal Excel Books, Delhi
  6. Strategic Planning for Corporate Ramaswamy V McMillan, New Delhi
  7. Business and society – Lokanathan and Lakshmi Rajan, Emerald Publishers.
  8.  Economic Environment of Business – M. Adhikary, Sultan Chand & Sons.


(P.S. The syllabus has been updated on 12th November 2014 as per the revised 2014-15 syllabus)

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