Name- Vishal Sawant


College-  Chetana Institute of Management And Research
Tell us about yourself : 

To say, calm and cool, smiling, little shy and introvert, and happy meeting new people and trying innovative and weird things.


Tell us about your college:

Chetana college is one of the best college’s in Mumbai, with useful education, best faculties, and teaching and support staff. Chetana college has helped me bring up my inner abilities and have given me many opportunities to prove myself. Faculties are very helpful and teaching is done is the simplest way by which students can easily understand. Events have bought up new zeal of doing something and enjoying the events.

Tell us about your professor whom you feel has played a major role in your BMS life?

Professors have played a major role in my life in CIMR, than let it be giving me confidence to stand in front of a large audience and present, helping me in my problems related to studies, motivating to do better in each exams. Faculties and students are like one family. Professors have also helped me in organizing big and grand events, with sharing their knowledge on how to organize a specific event and secrets of success.

When did you join BMS? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BMS and not any other course?

I joined BMS in the year 2009-10. The inspiration came from my parents itself, when i passed out 10th standard, My parents motivated me to go for BMS, even when i didn’t knew much about it. This encouragement led me scoring 75.50% in SYJC which was required to get admission in CIMR. After that, Friends also played a minor role, as those who had passed out from BMS already, shared their experiences and said that it is very useful and will help me attain what i dreamt of!

According to you, what is BMS all about?

BMS is all about managing the things , people, activities , the part of the environment surrounding you in such a way, that each work is done efficiently and effectively.

As a BMS student, what changes would you like to bring in management education?

Exam patterns, more of practical knowledge rather than bookish ones. Also, major change in the existing syllabus , according to the standard of knowledge, and including some new subjects which will help students to bring out their inner abilities.


Who in your life has influenced the most?


First parents and then Sachin Tendulkar.


What would you advice someone planning to do BMS?

Take up BMS not for the sake that it will ensure you a better job in near future, but for the fact that you have that quality of becoming a leader and leading form the front.

What does BMS mean to you?

BMS means to me 1st step of achieving my goals and becoming a successful person in life and wanting to become an entrepreneur.

Does BMS really help you in improving your all-round personality?

Yes, it does helps a lot. I have noticed a big difference in my personality in these 3 years. Now i can handle any kind of project given to me, can complete all my tasks, confidently speak before a large audience, organize events and much more.

3 Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

Should i go for MMS or MBA? Which one is better and why? and Which one will help me more, if my goal is to become an entrepreneur in future ?

Your feedback for has been helpful throughout these 3 years, providing us with useful informations, lecturers and faculties from top colleges who share their experiences. Guidance for career and also helping during exams. Its a One Stop Guide for all BMS students.


­– Interviewed by:

Sahil  Jaria

[Content Writer]

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Ojas Barve

A professional in the education industry, Ojas is currently working with S P Jain School of Global Management (the global arm of S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai) as Program Manager for all the under-graduate as well as post-graduate programs whereby he plays a significant role in planning the schedules of the programs across global campuses located in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. He also plays a role as Academic Mentor for guiding the MGB (MBA) students in their internship/projects. In the year 2014, 12 students successfully completed their projects under his guidance. Former Professor at MT Educare, Ojas has trained the students from commerce and management streams. He has gained exposure to the print media industry, while he completed his internship assignment with SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce in their in-house publication, SIES Skyline as their 'Editor-in-Chief' He has worked with BMS.CO.IN at internship position as 'Campus Representative' for three months after which he was extracted in the team as 'Chief Correspondent-Social Media'. He gained hands-on experience in the field of Social Media and E-Commerce, then. He started his career in teaching at Aadeshwar Academy, Borivali where he trained the school-level students in the French language. He was also associated with Dnyana Prakash Classes, Dadar for two academic years where taught subjects of Organisation of Commerce and Management to Class-12 students. Academically, he's a graduate in management studies in distinction class with a strong flair towards languages. He is pursuing his Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Masters in Commerce with Business Management elective. He has completed his A-1 level certification in French Language from L' Alliance Francaise de Bombay. Also, he is a Certified Professional Introductory Counselor from SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education and holds a certification in Capital Markets from Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

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