She Was Unable To Express Her Emotions And Then She Found Something That Is Not Only Wonderful But Also Unique


diary writing

Emotions! What are emotions? Are they important? Does everyone has emotions? We never ask these questions to anybody as we all know that emotions are feelings of a human being and is the thing which is god-gifted and even don’t have to teach their child about what emotion he/she has portray at a certain situation.

Ever since childhood we have a rough idea about a few emotions such as crying, laughing, etc and as we grow old we become familiar to a wide range of emotions of a human being such love, hatred, happiness, sadness, jealousy, greed, etc.

As we grow we experience different emotions. There are many times in life where we feel like not talking about our feelings or how we feel about a certain happening. But if we do not speak about it we will not be able to concentrate on other life events, which is normal. Expressing our emotions are very much important and if we fail to do that we definitely will lead a disturbed life atleast for a certain period of time as it is a human tendency!

There are many ways of expressing our emotions such as:-

  • Talking it out tour mother or father
  • Having a good chat with our best friend
  • Telling it to anyone close to your heart or
  • Telling it to anyone who understands you completely
  • And if any or all of the above is impossible or difficult for you the best way to express is by writing it out the whole event or happening which you feel is important to be shared!


It is the best way to share your emotions. Maintain a personal diary and write your heart out in the diary as a diary would neither question your emotions, nor ever complain, and will never judge you according to your emotions. Your relationship with your diary will prove to be one of the most unique, best and wonderful. Writing will also help you to keep a record of your good memories and bad times and also the lessons learnt!


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Afifa Qureshi


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