Don’t Hate Me If I Truly Believe That Shahrukh Khan And Deepika Padukone Are The Most Popular Celebrities Across The Globe


srk and deepika

Celebrities is a word used for people who have acquired all the name, fame and wealth that one wishes to in their life. Celebrities are not always from the entertainment industry. They are from different fraternities. But the one fraternity that garners instant name, fame and wealth is definitely through the entertainment world. It is said that an actor’s life is larger than life.

And the way actors are treated in our country is very different from others. Stars from both television as well as movies have crazy fan following. Fans worship their favorite stars. There are fans who love their favorite star to the extent that they don’t even like to hear a word against them even from their closest person. But an artistes’ fans are not only limited to their own country they are appreciated for their work across the globe.

There are many Bollywood stars across the globe out of which some which have immense popularity are:-


Coming from a middle class family and entering the film industry without any influence or guidance and establishing himself as the King of Bollywood, Bollywood Bad shah, King of Romance, Ruler of Hearts, etc. Though it was a difficult journey but because of his determination and hard work he could achieve what he had desired for!



The very first actress whose four movies box office collection was above 100 crore club in same

Year she is a person who has an answer for every question. She is smart, shrewd, witty,

Intelligent, Etc. She is not only an actress but also an awesome sportsperson as she was a

National level Badminton player. But as destiny had designed her career in Bollywood she

Became an actress who is not only successful but also an idol for many. And thus she has

Gained immense Popularity through her work!


There are many people who come to try their luck in Bollywood but only some succeed. It is not because others are not talented rather they have something better in store for them.

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Afifa Qureshi


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