“Believe in yourself and give your best shot” says Mahek A. Rahim Kazi, TYBMS Sem 5 Topper 2013-14, S. K. College


Interview with Mahek A. Rahim Kazi, TYBMS Sem 5 Topper 2013-14, S. K. College of Science and Commerce, Nerul who scored 77%



How does it feel to be a Topper in the university exams? Whom will you credit your success to? What was your success mantra?

It feels really good that the efforts of my teachers and my hard work paid off well.

I would like to give credit first of all to my parents, my brother  who although being not in this world is always with me and last but not the least my teachers without whose support & guidance I won’t have achieved what I have now.

My success mantra would be “Believing in one’s self and giving your best shot”.


Did you prepare any timetable and please share your study strategy/exam tips to crack each subject of semester 5?

I haven’t followed any specific timetable or strategies but yes definitely the internal tests and practice papers taken by our college faculty helped me in knowing my mistakes, and correcting them, as well as it helped me in time management which is very important during university exams.



Do you think BMS student require coaching classes or is self-study enough? Had you joined any coaching class for a particular subject?

According to me self study is enough if a student is attending lectures regularly and if his/her concepts are clear and attending lectures just doesn’t mean being physically present but mental presence is more important. And No, I haven’t joined any coaching classes for any subject.


What was your specialization subject? Why did you opt for it?

My specialization subject was SSM (special studies in marketing) and no such reason for opting it.


Can you list the textbooks you referred for all subjects?

For HRM our Sir provided us with notes, but for other subjects I referred: For FM – Vipul publication, RETAIL MGMT – RPH , Service Sector Mgmt- RPH, Logistics- RPH, SSM – RPH (with that notes provided by our professors were very helpful)


Which was your worst paper? Why? Which was your best paper? Why?

My worst paper was FM as it was a nightmare for everyone so was it for me. Even though after preparing for it so well it turned out to be very tricky. All the rest papers were good but best were HRM as I was able to complete it on time.


Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

It is very sad that students take such a drastic step, but one should always look at failures as a stepping stone for success. Suicide is not an answer to failure, an individual should never give-up and feel defeated but should strive hard and should have that inner passion to convert that failure into success.

I myself went through depression before exams, but then my teachers and parents supported me and I motivated myself by saying ‘JUST DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST” and with that we should also see to it that competition is very much necessary but not at the stake of one’s ‘LIFE’.


The Black Book project contributing a significant part to the percentage, please share the experiences you had during the preparation of the project and how has it benefited you.

The entire preparation of the black book was an experience in itself. It was like rearing your own child, from collecting information, analyzing, preparing questionnaires, getting checked by your project head, and whole heartedly working on it has really fetched me good marks. The mock vivas held by our faculty was very helpful and the entire integration till the execution was a beautiful experience as it individually has taught me the areas where I can perform well and the areas where I need to work hard. In short it is like a SWOT analysis for us.


Did you pursue any additional courses/ internships alongside BMS? What are your future plans?

No. I haven’t pursued any additional courses or internship yet. But my future plans are to go for MBA in HR or ECONOMICS.


Any tips and advises for your juniors?

Tips for my juniors would be:

  • Time management is very much required and one should not forget to complete the entire paper.
  • People are always there to point out your faults what we need to do is Take What Is Required & Leave What Is Not.
  • Always respect your teachers and elders and don’t fool around with them, it might be that they won’t be that  compatible with technology and stuff , but experience and knowledge wise they are very much ahead of us.
  • And always believe in yourself, because nothing is impossible in this world as IMPOSSIBLE itself says I M POSSIBLE
  • A person should be strong enough to change all the negativity coming towards him and turning it into positivity and proving oneself.
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