All information that does not fit neatly into the proposal should be included in the appendix. This includes the interview guide or questionnaire to be used in the study, letter(s) of introduction of the researcher, and any lists the researcher may have of institutions to participate in the study.




Appendix 1: Letter of Introduction


Each researcher should have a letter of introduction to be given to the institutions (or individuals) who will participate in the study. The letter should include the following details:


  • Name, university and contact details of the researcher


  • The objectives of the study


  • A promise of confidentiality


  • A request for their participation


  • Time frame of the research


  • The letter should be signed by a representative of the university.



Appendix 2: The Research Questionnaire (or Interview Guide)


Here, the main research questions are operationalised, that is, they are translated to a detailed set of sub-questions that can be asked to respondents.


Operationalisation means that an answer must be given to what you are going to research and how you are going to do that. Each sub-research question should deal with a specific aspect of the main question. The objective is to create “researchable” units, so the research question can be answered more directly. All the sub-questions should together cover the main research questions.





Appendix 1: Letter of introduction Appendix 2: Questionnaire or Interview guide


Appendix 3: Any other relevant information for conducting the research, e.g., list of organizations in the population


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