Amazing ways to Look Great in Photographs!


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Today we’re on a journey to discovering the secrets to look perfect in photographs. You don’t have to be a famous model or celeb and you don’t have to be perfectly beautiful or handsome to take a perfect picture. There are many experts who have created a set of useful tips that we can follow and always have awesome photos.

1. Look above the lens of the camera

Look slightly above the lens of the camera instead of straight into the camera. This gave the appearance of looking into the camera more than if we actually do. So, if you want to keep your eyes open and bright, look slightly above the camera lens. This is one of the easiest ways to look great in any photo!

2. Turn your face to the right

Research claims that we tend to show more emotion on the face’s left side, so when being photographed, turn your head a little bit to the right to look more appropriate for the occasion. This will leave you looking more natural and happier.

3. Stand with your arms at your sides

When you stand with your arms crossed, you may look serious and unhappy. But when you stand with your arms at your sides, you look more natural, and this creates a wonderful photo. Don’t keep your arms super straight or rigid, simply let them hang loosely and comfortably at your sides. You will be astonished at how wonderful you look.

4. Turn your body sideways

If you stand straight facing the lens of the camera, it will add more width to the body. To avoid it, slightly turn your body sideways when you are getting your photo taken. This way, you will look awesome no matter your weight. To create a slimmer silhouette, pop your knee a little bit.

5. Natural make-up

If you want to look great in any photo, opt for natural make-up. When your make-up is bright, your look may appear over-exaggerated on camera and you may end up looking like a clown in the photo. Natural make-up is always the best option when it comes to photographs.


6. Wear lipstick

This tip is for those women who don’t usually wear lipstick or gloss. Since a photograph can slightly wash you out, it can leave you look lipless when the photo is developed. Try a bright red or shiny pink, but make sure it looks completely natural.

7. Relax and smile

When you are posing for a photo, you should create a natural facial expression. A tight smile won’t look great. Think about the wonderful things or people in your life and try to relax and smile sincerely. If you usually smile with your mouth open, try to do the same in the photographs.

– Manal Petkar

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