Amazing Quick Breakfast Recipes For Food Lovers (Part 1)


It’s often when you get lazy after imagining the big procedure to cook something. These breakfast recipes are very quick and helps you to cheat yourself when you are lazy and hungry too. Try them out.



This recipe is a unique combination of south India and Chinese food.


½ onions, oil, belpepper (or capsicum), tomato ketchup, chilly sauce, soya sauce, vinegar, chili powder, sugar, green chili, idlis (deep fried and cut).


Heat 2tbs oil in a pan.

Add ½ onion shelled.

Stir fry them quickly. Then add ½ tbs garlic finely chopped. ½ tbs ginger finely chopped.

Add 2 green chillies cross-cut. Stir fry.

Add ½ belpepper. You can also add capsicum chopped into squares.

Add 2 tbs tomato ketchup.

1 tbs chilly sauce, 1 tbs soya sauce, 1 tbs vinegar. ½ tbs chilly powder.

Add 1 tbs sugar. As all the sauces will make it too spicy. And there has to be a sweet element in the chilly idli.

Then add up the idlies which are deep fried first. Cut the idlies into quarter small shapes.

You can add little water to deglaze the walk. Then add very little salt. As the sauces and idli will already have salt. Spread some spring onion and tause quickly. And your chilly idli is ready.

NOTE: As the sauce is very tasty you can also use paneer, tofu, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms or any other vegetable you like if you don’t have idlis. Make sure you deep fry the idlis which is the most important thing.


In a very busy life we rarely get time to eat breakfast. This sweet potato khichdi is healthy and very quick to cook. Cooking in flame would take a longer time so we would use the microwave here.


Grated potatoes, ginger chilly paste, salt, sugar, whole lemon juice, cumin seeds, curry leaves, peanuts (roasted).


Take the grated potatoes in a bowl which is soaked in water for little time i.e. 5 minutes to get rid of the starchiness.

Add the ginger chilly paste and salt, 2-3 tbs sugar (as you like). And squeeze a whole lemon juice into it and mix well.

Then heat a pan and add ½ tbs oil, 1 tbs cumin seeds. Let it splutter a little and then quickly add curry leaves. Turn the flame off and add the roasted peanuts. Stir it. Now add this mixture to the bowl of grated potatoes.

Take a flat microwavable dish and remove the matter from the bowl into it. Spread it well and cover with a lid. Place it in the microwave for 12 minutes.

8 Minutes – with lid. 4 minutes – without lid. At last when the khichdi is ready sprinkle fresh coriander leaves. You can add little water to regain the moisture and then it is ready to serve.

NOTE: You can also eat it during fasts.


This is a forgotten tiffin snack which has to be revised again as its always yummy and very easy to cook.

INGREDIENTS: Butter, mustard seeds, curry leaves, 2 green chillies, asafetida, coriander leaves, onions, garlic chopped, 1 &1/2 tomatoes deseeded, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt, lemon juice, bread /loaf slices.


Heat 1 tbs butter.

As it melts add the seasoning ingredients:

½ mustard seeds. After it splutters add curry leaves.

2 green chillies slit from between.

¼ asafetida.

Add coriander leaves.

Finely chopped onions. Don’t let it turn brown. Add 1tbs garlic finely chopped.

1 & ½ tomato deseeded. Sprinkle ½ turmeric tbs powder, ½ red chilly powder and little salt. As the other ingredients have salt.

Cook the tomatoes till soft. Add ½ cup water and ½ tbs lemon juice. Stir well.

Now take bread slices or loaf. You can use any left-over bread. Tause all well since the mixture should mix well with the bread. Add coriander leaves. Garnish with Sev if you have it or coriander leaves is okay. You can also add toasted bread if you prefer crispness in your plate.



Now this is created from the very favorite and preferable Maggie noodles for all age groups. This is not quick as we will take some extra minutes in deep frying them. But very yummy and unique. It can be used as breakfast and dinner in parties. If you have guests coming at home try this out. It’s very easy and yummy to cook.


¼ cup shredded cabbage

½ capsicum cut lengthwise.

1 spring onion cut lengthwise.

4-5 French beans cut cross cut.

Maggie noodles and taste maker.

1 cup tomato sauce.

1 tbs oil.

½ tbs ginger chilly paste.

1 tbs chat masala.

Salt to taste.

Plain flour paste (to stick the rolls)

METHOD: We will make the filling first.

Heat oil in a pan. Add capsicum and stir for some minutes. Then add the French beans.

The veggies should not be cooked for more time as it’s going to be cooked again when we will deep fry it in the roll.

Break the Maggie noodles into parts. Add ½ cup of water as the Maggie will boil. Add more water if necessary.

The Maggie has to be cooked as we cook it always. Let it boil. Add the tastemaker.

Along with it also add the ginger chilly paste, chaat masala. Mix it well.

Then pour the 1 and ½ tomato sauce. Dry all the water well.

Then we will add the cabbage as it cooks very fast. Also Sprinkle the spring onion.

Go easy on the salt and add little. As again all other sauces and tastemaker contains salt.

Don’t overcook and dry all under fan. The taste should be raw when you take your spring roll’s bite. J

Now we have to take the simple spring roll spread sheets which is available in the market.

HOME MADE SPRING ROLL SPREADSHEETS – take flour, water and salt and make very very thin rotis. Then heat it halfly both sided. As you get brown spots. Your spreadsheets are ready. The only thing you have to take care is it should be very thin and not completely cooked.

1 packet of Maggie will give us 3-4 rolls.

Now add the mixture in a spreadsheet and start rolling it tightly. Fold the edges and seal it with the flour paste. Heat your oil which should be medium hot. Deep fry the rolls and serve them hot after cutting them into 2-3 pieces as you prefer. Serve it hot with shezwan or tomato-chilly sauce.





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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to [email protected]


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