Amazing Places In Mumbai You Must Visit Late Night



Mumbai is the city of dreams. Living in Mumbai and staying in Mumbai is a privilege. You should be lucky and thankful to your grandparents and parents for living in this beautiful place in Mumbai. There are beautiful and amazing places in Mumbai you can visit. Apart from all the different malls around there are beautiful places like Worli sea face, Colaba, marine drive etc. there are many places especially in south Bombay. Mumbai that was formally known as Bombay and still we still call it Bombay rather “Mumbai nagariya”. For all the songs and all that are written over the years it shows Mumbai is the place to be. And every Mumbai kar is proud to live in this beautiful city of dreams – Mumbai.

We Mumbaikars love late night roaming. Whenever we are bored we roam in the night. Streets are safe in Mumbai (touchwood). Unlike places like Delhi and others Mumbai streets are safer. There are cops even in the local female compartment in trains. We all as students plan a night out with friends. A night out where we can enjoy ourselves and see a total different side of Mumbai in the nights. It is dark but obvious but apart from the darkness is the youthful feeling that you experience and the lamps lit so bright.

The best places to see in Mumbai in the late nights after midnight 12-6 in the morning definitely would be

  • Marine drive

Marine lines is the station that takes you to this amazing place called marine drive. Close to the sea and the beautiful view of the night. You roam by bikes or you roam in a car. This amazing drive on the marine drive makes it lovelier. The queen’s necklace is what you see at marine drive. The beautiful lights cover up all whole of marine drive. Facing the sea are the beautiful hotels and the famous oberoi trident hotel and intercontinental hotel. The amazing ride and the beautiful breeze and windy air hitting your face. This place is so bright and so crowded, even at 3 am it feels like evening at 7.

  • Gate way of India:

Gate way of India. Near the sea near the docks is this beautiful monument. It is one of the oldest and beautiful monuments. The big beautiful lights around and streets lights shows the real beauty of the night and the monument. Opposite the sea is the Taj hotel the beautiful monument the British creation both the taj and gate way of India.

  • Worli sea face

Worli sea face just like the marine drive but it doesn’t have the same effect of the queen’s necklace. It has the same cold breeze as the marine drive but it is the amazing feeling. Cops don’t let you sit for a long time at the sea face. Also it may not be safe in the night as the tide may be high too.

  • The streets of Nepeansy road

The posh area is the name given to the nepeansy road in Mumbai. Close from the haji Ali dargah and the famous big show rooms of Bentley and Porsche car also you see the vintage cars it looks so amazing and beautiful. The streets look so posh and high fi. One area where you would love to reside.

  • Girgaon chowpathy

A place to be is the beach of girgaon chowpathy. Lucky are the students of Wilson College who get to chill out at the beach. The famous girgaon chowpathy is equally beautiful as you ride from the marine drive moving forward is the chowpathy it all falls in line. You look up at the stars holding hands with your lover and the beautiful breeze surrounding you.

  • Bandra worli sea link.

Truly this is one of the best bridges you could ever go on. But you need a car here. Bikes aren’t allowed. Except if its late night and you are Abhishek bacchan then probably you could go riding as fast as you can from bandra to worli on the bike. But as an ordinary person a car will be your only option and the beautiful view of the sea. Right in the middle situated is the lights that make it look so beautiful. Also there is a speed limit and cameras around. So you cannot really wait and halt at the bridge for a long time. The famous selfies that you click with your friends you could do that but be careful and drive safe.

  • Carter road

This beautiful place is the jogger’s park that you could go. Jogging at night definitely not good. But sitting with a bunch of friends and talking and resting for a while as you have roamed the whole night, it is morning now. You will find chai wala on their cycles with cigarettes and tea ready. You can enjoy a fag with a coffee, bournvita, boost or even tea.  You will definitely feel wonderful. Among the posh bungalows that you see around you may find a few handsome hunks coming out from big cars and all the girls go gaga around them. They come after a hard-core party night. After the drinks and the hangovers you see these people.

  • Bandra fort

Bandra fort is to the extreme sides of the bandstand. This is a broken fort where a lot of people hangout. Another famous hotel taj land ends is situated with tight security. You may see big cars and porshe people coming in. it is more of a corporate world feeling when you see people around there. There is greenery all around.  One of the coolest laces in bandra is just in front as you walk alongside bandstand. Bandstand has the walk of stars, the statues of all the big starts and the legends, raj Kapoor and Dev Amanda few more you see.


These are the beautiful places where you can go with your amazing friends and enjoy your night out and have fun all you need is a night out with friends, full tank petrol in your bikes and cars and the enthusiasm.


  • Carren bryne.
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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to


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