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This topic has always been debatable. Till date nobody has been able to give an answer which can be universally accepted. For example, if we ask, can medical or engineer be your career, then by default everybody will agree to this career option. But it is not the same with acting field.  Acting career has its own ifs and buts. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us how we take it.

Acting is definitely an art. It is as hard as any other field. It needs a lot dedication, patience, hard work, time and learning. I must say this particular field brings a lot of fame, money and success within a short period of time. But to attain this position, along with your personal efforts you need luck. Everybody cannot be SRK who signed 5 films on one day, in spite of being a new comer. No doubt that acting is fun. But to make it as your career can be a risk. It is just not acting, any art field can be a risk. It is different any professional, stable job where the income is fixed, job security is there and you can a tension free life in terms of flow of income. You can plan your current and retired life, unlike acting field where your flow of income varies. If you manage to give hits, you are in the market. People will fight to work with you but if you are no longer in demand, your survival will become a question mark. Time passes by and the day you realize that you should have gone for some other career option, the time has gone. Every field has an age limit to join, unlike acting. Any person of any age can become an actor/actress. It can be film industry or TV industry. I am sure we all aware of old aged people who play the role of grandparents.

All I am saying is that acting is an art which can be pursued at any age if you are passionate about this field. But to pursue it as a career is big question. In this transparent world, where we have so many programs to create awareness, it is evident that millions of youngsters go and try their luck but they fail. There is possibility that they might get trapped in vicious circle during the course of building their career. Everybody cannot be a star kid who has got the back up of their parents. Let us talk about a normal middle class family, whose father has got the minimal amount of salary, just enough to take care of daily expenditure. Who has to think 100 times before planning a holiday to a nearby place.

Acting is not a bad career choice but the question is do you have the strength and guts to give it what it takes to be an actor/actress. In my opinion, you should watch interviews of actors/actresses, where they share their struggle and experience. It is evident that a star kid too has to face a lot of difficulties. So there is no one who can become an actor as simple as baking a cake. But if you are confident that you have it in yourself, go for it. But do analyze the pros and cons of choosing acting as your career.

Assuming that you have decided to choose acting as your career, let me share my opinion about your decision. An actor at his young age plays the role of main lead. As the time passes, his roles start changing. Slowly and steadily, he takes up the role of a father and later grandfather. If you say that Sharukh Khan is 48 and still playing the role of main lead or have a look at Salman Khan or Saif Ali Khan, then as I said consider yourself as one among 100 whose acting career is normal. It is good to aim at becoming extraordinary but considering yourself as extraordinary even before being one, is foolishness. Even considering the normal graph of an acting career, there is no guarantee that your graph will move in that way. 1000’s of people enter into the industry. So maintaining your position throughout is difficult. Sharukh Khan once rightly said on his interview with Anupam Kher, people work a lot to reach the success point, but once they reach, they fail to work even more to maintain that position. Success is like a mountain. You will have to work hard to reach the peak and even harder to stand at the peak.

Now-a-days, even girls desire to be the next Aishwarya Rai or Sushmita Sen. But have you girls ever wondered about the consequences of choosing acting as your career. I agree that India is rapidly moving towards modernization. Still in this modernized society, girls are expected to take care of their family and children and give their career a second place. A lot of actresses quit acting as soon as their family life begins. If you have the support of your family you can surely continue acting. But considering about a normal Indian family, the chances are not that great. And being human, we cannot be single throughout our lives. We need a life partner. There is no doubt about it.

As I said earlier, it is difficult to say whether choosing acting as your career is a right choice or not. It depends upon you and your preferences. If you are ready to give what it takes to be an actor, and as well ready to face the ups and downs of an acting career, then go for it. But do ensure that you have your friends and family support in this. Take the advice of an experienced person, know what you have to do be successful, implement it in your daily life, always stay on the ground and stick around your friends and family. As name and fame can go away any minute but it your well wishers, who will stick around and support you when you need them the most.

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