6 Very Useful Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Risk Of Heart Disease


Heart disease is something that a person of every age fears. Since there is no age for this sickness and it can happen in any age. The alternative name to heart disease or another word is cardiovascular disease. There are various causes for heart disease and the most general cause is stress and the other causes are High blood pressure which causes stroke and then finally heart attack. Smoking both primary and secondary smoke causes heart diseases. Other then this diabetes and Blood vessel inflammation add up to the causes of Heart disease.

One must be aware of the signs and symptoms of all of the heart disease. In a Heart Attack discomfort and chest pain is the most common symptom but it is very rarely a symptom in women. Women complain of dizziness, problem in breathing, nausea, and indigestion and neck pain. Sweating is more of a symptom in men. Heart failure is wherein your heart isn’t able to meet the daily activities. It causes shortness of breath and fatigue and also swelling of ankle, feet, abdomen and veins in the neck. Arrhythmia is the problem with the heart beat rhythm, sometime the heart beats too fast and sometimes it beats to slow. Most common complains by people in such a condition is heart skipping beat. Any of the heart disease is dangerous as it can lead to death. So there are some ways that help in lowering risk of heart disease. Let’s know what those are.

  1. Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking leads to be the leading cause of heart disease in women.50% percent of middle aged women die due to heart attack due to smoking and tobacco.


  1. Lower your cholesterol

High blood cholesterol causes coronary heart disease. As extra cholesterol goes and settles on the walls of arteries narrowing them and not allowing blood to pass. So it is important to keep cholesterol in control


  1. Maintain your weight

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle results in risk of heart disease. Obesity is a reason of disease in 50%perecent women


  1. Exercise Regularly

Studies have proved even simple physical activity like Brisk Walking reduces risk of cardiovascular dises.30 minutes of walk daily helps the entire population to maintain good health and weight. Walking is must for Diabetes patients as it is also a reason for heart disease.


  1. Healthy Eating Habits

Diets low in saturated fat and high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Vegetarian meal is most effective in case of preventing heart disease.


  1. Manage Stress

Everyone has stress, and it’s normal to get angry now and then. When stress and anger flare up, especially if it happens a lot, that’s a problem. Managing your stress and handling your anger in healthy ways puts you back in charge.


The above tips must be put in practice keep your heart healthy. As a healthy heart means  healthy and longer life.

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