5 Quick Facts About ‘Blackberry’ Images & Videos


1)Blackberry refers to a line of wireless handled services designed and marketed by BlackBerry Limited. In 1999, the first Blackberry device, an email pager was released.

2)The most recent devices Z3, Z30, Z10 were announced on February 2014, September 2013 and January 2013, respectively. It was one of the major smartphone vendors until 2012.

3)The primary competitors of the Blackberry are smartphones running Android and the Apple iPhone.It’s market share has plunged since 2011, leading to speculation that it will be unable to survive.

4)Blackberry has managed to maintain it’s significant position in some markets. In 2011, Blackberry accounted for 43% of new smartphones shipped to Indonesia. the company’s most important emerging Market.

5)By April 2014, it had fallen to 3%. The decline in the Indonesian Market share mirrors a global trend for the company.

Images for Blackberry:-

Blackberry 1 Blackberry2 BlackBerry3 Blackberry4 BlackBerry5 BlackBerry6 Blackberry7 Blackberry8new-blackberry-10-physical-keyboardBlackberry


Videos of Blackberry:-





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Hello there. I am Aisha Khan, studying Bms First year in Ritumbara College.

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Aisha Khan

Hello there. I am Aisha Khan, studying Bms First year in Ritumbara College.


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