5 Awesome Reasons Smartphones Are A Basic Necessity




  1. Social Media
    Everyone of us are on Facebook , Twitter , pinterest etc but without a smartphone, you are missing out on some kind of fun. A smartphone allows you to upload photos, videos, and statuses regardless of location meaning we can upload or check in wherever we are because it’s not possible to carry a desktop or laptop everywhere and you can also join the growing group of people that “check in” at physical locations and events.
  2. Email On The Go
    A smartphone allows you to send and receive email from multiple accounts wherever you are or even if your desktop or laptop catches virus.cool nah ??
  3. GPS Navigation
    One of the biggest win – win situation with a smartphone is the navigation apps, like VZ Navigator® and using a smartphone for voice guidance can be much more economical than buying a separate GPS system for your vehicle.
  4. Advanced Photography And Video
    The right smartphone and data plan is more than just a phone, it’s a new digital camera as well. so need of those expesive digi cams coz the smartphones have more pixels then them . Most smartphone cameras have much higher resolution than those in basic phones, and many can shoot HD video.
  5. NFC Technology
    Near field communication (NFC) enables select smartphones to exchange information when they are close (4 centimeters or less) to each other.
  6. Cloud-Based Content
    Thanks to cloud-based services, you no longer need to fret about which device has “the file you need right now” on it. MP3s, docs, video, photos—in many cases, these can now be synched from your home computer to your smartphone via the cloud. Transfers are “automagical,” occurring mostly in the background, and you won’t lose valuable data if one device is lost or damaged.




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