idli and dhokla


In India, different states has different specialities in food items may it be a dosa in South India, parathas in Punjab or dhoklas in Gujarat. These lovely dishes bring our appetites to life, we keep eating and then we complain about our increasing weight.

Lets study about our different Indian foods that are not only great in taste but also add a lot of benefits to our health. The problem is that we make them in such a way that it definitely adds to the waist line!

  1. Pulses or dal

We all know that pulses are a great source of vitamins and minerals. They are also a good source of amino acids. If you have started a slimming diet regime, replace every other dal with moong dal because moong dal has low fat content.


  1. Roti or chapatti

They form a staple of North Indians food. Initially flour to make rotis was made out of wheat. Now we get multigrain atta in the market which has equal proportion of wheat, jowar, bajra, barley. Each ingredient is rich in fibre content making it good for your stomach and being rich in carbohydrates gives you a lot of energy.


  1. Idli

Going to south and looking at their staple food idly. Made from fermented rice and dal mixture and prepared by steaming, this food is rich source of carbs and protein. It is low in fat, can be a best breakfast to have if you want to lose weight.


  1. Dhokla

Dhoklas are very popular in Gujrat. They are made from fermented dal. Being steamed and not fried, these have no oil content which make them low on calories and being made from dals increases the protein and fibre content. A double threat to weight troubles!


  1. Curd

Made from fermented milk with certain bacteria, it is a great ingredient for weight loss. The good bacterium in yogurt promotes digestion. However it’s recommended to prepare curd from low fat milk, lower the fat content the better! 🙂



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