Are you a person who diets by eating? Have an eve u can get there in shape.well here are certain tips which will get u in shape in no time guaranteed..These steps are used by body builders and fitness trainers too immediately gain or loose weight for their competitions. All you have to keep in mind that eating is a must while doing  exercises.


1)Eat a lot but eat right.

Our bodies are designed to eat and not starve.ea a lot but eat right. You need to eat every 1 hour.divided your meals in this way.The main element is instead three meals which stuff of Ur stomach have them spread out so Ur stomach has less work and doesn’t store the rest as fat.Also u need to give up on high calorie foods or compensate exercises that substitute its high calorie content.

2)Excercise is the key

A regular exercise keeps body at operational that we can make ourselves healthy.It helps us burn the excess fat and revitalize body. A minimum of 2 hours can help u too improve your weight loss regime. The first weeks are very crucial too remove fats out of the body through water content. For people who don’t like jogging or cycling try surya asana starting with 3 for one week and increasing by 3 till u reach 12.



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 3) Lots of sleep

Sleep helps your muscle tear healing forming bigger and stronger muscles.It help the body to rejuvenate and keep it fit for the next day of workout.With a lot of people being sleep deprived a minimum 6 hours sleep is must.

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4) Vegies are your best friend

Sad news for non-veg eaters go a little pure veg.Vegetarian food is almost zero trans fat (except foods like paneer hence ‘almost’). Vegetarian food has more capacity to deliver proteins minerals and vitamins then meats because of its highly concentrated nature.


5) Motivate yourself.

You are the sole proprietor of your body. Motivation is key to achieving goals sooner where you command it and make it master of its soul.If you can make yourself work properly you may make yourself anything desired But depends how you work and how motivated you remain throughout.

– Aditya Chavan

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