20 Funny ‘Trading Book Names’ For Facebook Status, WhatsApp Forwards




‘Funny’ Trading Book Names

  1. Trading in the Twilight Zone
  2. How I made $20 in the Stock Market
  3. Stock Market Blizzards
  4. Probably High Trading
  5. Technical Analysis of Stock Traps
  6. How to Make Money in Stockings
  7. A Random Hock Down Wall Street
  8. Trading is for Dummies
  9. Options, Pricing, and Futility
  10. To Kill a Martingale
  11. “Getting Finished in Options” , the Last Edition
  12. Options as a Tragic Investment
  13. Trading for a Survival
  14. Come into my Trading Trunk
  15. Technical Analysis of the Fickle Markets
  16. How to make a fortune selling books about the Stock Markets
  17. Fraud Like a Hedge Fund
  18. Lucky Market Lizards
  19. Reminiscences of a Commission Generator
  20. Trading for a bankruptcy filling

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