10 Kickass Hilarious ‘Trading’ Jokes, Messages, Status For Facebook, WhatsApp





  1. Advisor – the one who charges money for a piece of stock advice to cover his/her losses on the market.
  2. Advisory Service – an advisor who lost a considerable amount of money and started new business.
  3. Afternoon – a daily chance to give back the money you made that morning (see Friday).
  4. Apprentice – anyone who peers at your screen shortly after you closed a profitable deal.
  5. Average Down – what you have to do if you opened a long position and had to go to the bathroom.
  6. Average Up – what you have to do if you opened a short position and had to go to the bathroom.
  7. Bad Trade/Stupid Trade – an unprofitable deal that someone else carries out which does not fit your trading strategy.
  8. Bottom – (when you have an open long position) the spot where you give up averaging down and sell; (when you have an open short position) the spot where the book recommends you to open a short position.
  9. Break – a pause you take when you have either 2 profitable or 5 unprofitable deals in a row.
  10. Broker – someone who studied hard and has a license to legally lose your money for a minute additional fee.
  11. Canadian – the one who is short any stock you have.
  12. Chart – what you check after you exit trading, trying to understand what went wrong.
  13. Cheap Stock – a stock the price of which will decline as soon as you decide not to open a short position on it.
  14. Confusion – 6 open positions.

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