girl problems


Though Girl is God’s most beautiful creation at the same time one doesn’t know the amount of problems she has to go through being a girl. Being a girl comes with a list of restrictions for everything she does. If she fails to follow even one of them then she is either called the worst of names or her life is turned into hell.

Let us look at the most simple example that if a woman is forbidden by her husband nobody ill questions him. The society will always blame her no matter she does something or she is innocent to it. This is just one example there are several others that we all are aware of…Here are some of her problems that nobody understands…

  1. The pain that a girl goes through when she gets her menstrual cycle – No matter you even explain them they really can’t understand how much trouble you go in those 6 days
  2. Nobody can understand why she is constantly bothered about the way she looks – if she is not tip- top then everybody will say you have put on weight? You have become thin? And god knows what else.
  3. She can’t get into anything and just get out of the house – A guy can even go with pajamas outside the house wherein a girl has to wear something decent always to even go to the nearest shop
  4. She has to always look her best – No matter even if it is a Birthdays he has to look beautiful and perfect
  5. She can’t eat the way she wants – being a girl there is a manner to eat food too (grins)
  6. She can’t eat everything she likes – If she doe so she might put weight and then again people will question her whys he put on some weight
  7. She has to get herself waxed regularly – If she doesn’t then she will be compared with the guys and she will become a joke for everybody
  8. If she criticizes other girl then everybody thinks she is jealous
  9. She can’t put on some extra weight
  10. Nobody on earth understands her pregnancy and after birth problems
  11. Nobody understand that every guy she goes with is not her boyfriend
  12. She has to know cooking
  13. She is suppose to behave in a required way
  14. She can’t stay up late outside the house partying
  15. She has to be careful when she runs and she walks


The society has to become a bit sensitive towards women so that you understand at least their problems and at least support them in it rather than cursing them for all their problems and even yours.

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