Can’t really believe that they do really exist !! Here’s list of 14 weird laws across the world:



1) US authorities since 1986  have had the legal right to access any 180-day old email, without a warrant.

2)  In Saudi Arabia, there is no marriage limit apparantely In 2008, a Saudi court refused an 8-year-old girl, who asked for a divorce from her 58-year-old husband.

 3)The only two states where divorce is illegal are the Philippines and The Vatican.

4) In Thailand it is illegal to step on money.

5) In Singapore, selling non-medical chewing gum or chewing normal gum is a fine of $1000. A second offense costs $2000 and being forced to clean a public area of the city for a day.

6)In Arkansas a law was imposed in 1800s  that states a husband is allowed to beat his wife, but only once a month.

7)In parts of India, a man who is in debt can offer up his wife until the debt is paid.

8)In Hong Kong, there’s a law that allows a wife to kill her husband if she finds him cheating. However, she must kill him with her bare hands.

9)In New York City it is illegal to honk your horn. If you do, you’re at risk of paying $350 fine.

10)It is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa.

11) In Britain, oddly enough it is illegal to be drunk in the pub.

12)Bangladeshi children of 15 and older can be sent to jail for cheating on their final exams.

13)In Florida it is illegal for a divorced or a widowed woman to skydive on a Sunday afternoon.

14)In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm.

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