10 Things That Only People Getting The Tag Of “Most Understanding, Helpful, Thinking About Others” Can Relate To



  In this today’s mean world it is quite easy to find people having high ego, lots of attitude, selfishness and other such qualities. Nobody really cares about anybody else. But yes, even today there are people who have got a beautiful heart that not only prays for others but also tries each and everything to see others happy and to solve their problems.
Such beautiful hearts are given the tags of “most understanding”, “helpful”, “always there when we need them”, “caring” and many more.
Here are few things which these beautiful hearts can relate to and if you have such type of person in your life do make them read this.

        Since you are quite understanding, in fact most understanding, you know many secrets and problems of many friends of yours which they’ll not dare to share with anybody else. People look forward to you to share their things because you are probably the one who can understand lots of their things and give solutions to their problems.

2-Motivating people is something you can do very easily..
         You can probably understand each and every situation your friends go through and thus you also know how to cheer them up. Whenever you see anybody sad or worried you cannot resist yourself from motivating them.

3-You know the value of people in your lives..
        There are very few people who understand the value of people in their lives and you are  one of them. This is why you care so much for others and give a special treatment to your loved ones.

4-Though you understand people a lot, at the end of the day there is nobody to understand you..
        People are so busy in telling you about their problems that they often forget that even you need a support and sometimes a person to understand you.

5-People always expect you to only do the work of understanding..
         There are times when you know you are right but people only want you to “understand” their things. And you are there like “Yeah! Why not! I was born to understand your crap!”

6-Your “caring and giving importance to others” nature often makes people to take you for granted in their life..
          It is not new for you when your friends and close ones take you for granted. They think that no matter what happens you will always there to help them out. But sometimes their taking you for granted hurts you.

7-You always pretend to be OK so that you don’t spoil somebody else’s mood..
         There are people who care a lot about their friend’s happiness and this is why they never show that they are not okay. No matter how much you are broken from inside or how much you are hurt, you’ll always have a beautiful smile on your face and will never show your actual emotion at that  moment. Not because you want to show them that you are very strong but because you can’t make them sad by telling them about your problems. You can never see them sad or their mood getting spoilt because of you.

8-You guys have got an amazing way of forgiving people very easily, especially your friends..
       You guys cannot listen that “sorry” from your friends for a long time. No matter how much angry or hurt you are, you forgive people because you know their value in your life.

9-You can ignore people? LOL..
       You love people and value them a lot and so ignoring them is hell more difficult for you. Maybe it’s impossible. People may take you for granted and not reply for like 5-6 hours, but you can’t even ignore for 5 minutes.

10-Seeing others happy ultimately makes your day..
       Even after handling lots of things, you can be happy knowing that at least you solved somebody’s problem or you have been a great support to them.

Finding people with such an awesome heart is very difficult. So if you find one don’t let that person go, love them and try to understand them also. In return you’ll definitely get a big bag of love from them.

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Tanvi Taparia


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