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Encouragement is a selfless activity which can only be done by a grateful heart. It is a simple way of recognising the goodness in the person and introducing them to their positive side, which they seem to have lost in them. At some point of time everyone get discouraged for some or the other reason, a kind word of encouragement can help them build in the spirit of giving life another chance. Whether you know the person or are a total stranger to you, take some time out today and everyday to encourage at least one person who crosses your way.

  1. Listen to their problem: The moment you come across a discouraged person, as an act of kindness approach the person and ask them the reason for their sadness. Give a listening ear to their problem; show them that you are really interested to help them.  Knowing their problem will help you use proper words or instances to encourage them.
  2. Cheer them up: The best you could do is try ways to get a smile on their face. The first step to encouragement is a happy heart. When you listen to their problems agree with their feelings, comfort them with by holding their hand or giving them a slight pat on their back. Do not minimise or correct their feelings at that moment or by saying words like “Oh! That’s so bad”, it’s demeaning their emotions, and instead you could say “it’s not that bad there is a solution”.
  3. Extend your helping hand: Offering your helpful hand is better that waiting for someone to ask your help. Instead of saying how can I help you? You could say I’m here to help you share your problem with me. I’m sure these words will make them feel that they are not alone.
  4. Light up the spark in them: Even though a person may be discouraged, there is a small ray of hope left deep within which is not seen by the person. What you could do is find out that ray of hope and light up the spark in them. A small spark can light up the entire bush.
  5. Highlight the good things: Once you have heard the person’s problem, highlight the good things that they have done. Noticing the good things will help you build up the spirit in them.
  6. Appreciate their work or efforts: Simple words of appreciation can work wonders. You say “well done” or “at least you tried” or “you reached that far” anything that can make them feel that you can see their efforts.
  7. Make positive comments: The reason of discouragement is negativity; you can try to get the negativity out of them and fill them with positive feelings words of action.
  8. Keep it honest and real: Even though they are depressed they still know the truth about themselves so they will surely know that you’re just flattering instead or complimenting from your heart. Whatever you say be honest. Show them the reality but in a milder way.
  9. Let them feel the positive vibes: You can encourage someone only when you yourself are positive about the things happening in your life. Let them feel your positive vibes.
  10. Share your experience with them: Tell them about your problems and how did you make your efforts to get yourself out of it. Share some of our advices or ideas on what you do when you feel discouraged.


Encouraging someone is not an easy thing, it requires patience, the ability to listen and react wisely. But encouraging others will help you build up confidence within yourself and a feeling that you could help one person for better.

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