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There is an old saying that there is three basic necessities of life food, clothes & shelter. But this is not the only thing in life we want beyond this there are many other basic things which we want i.e. Love, companionship, a person who always make you feel special & all other things. So having a special person with whom you can share your feelings, who can understand your thoughts is the best person or you can say the special person with whom you can spend your life. But of the time many people are complaining about their relationships specially GIRLS that it was their mistake & every other thin. So this is an article about the person or boyfriend you can choose according to their profession. As profession is what makes the man as his thought process & feelings are greatly affected by the studies or work he does.


Engineers are the best boyfriend all these are the facts about them…

  1. Secure Lifestyle: An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life & own house too. Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in a law firm, most business graduates have failed on their first business plan, arts students are still looking for a job & the medical graduates are still living in a hospital.
  2. Unmatchable Industriousness: An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his life & effort to understand you. Engineers strain very hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that they are the one. So even if you don’t understand initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. Buy diamond ring=1 weeks’ worth of happiness=dh/dt) and once they figure out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired result appear. Unlike the lawyer who will argue with you, the management graduate who will try your spending, the arts graduate who will ‘change major’ & the medical graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it’s really very easy to make engineers believe that they are the one. You simply just say them you like one of their projects & they will be hooked to you forever.
  3. Never betray: An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust. Let me first tell you about that what is wrong with others- the lawyers will lie about everything, management student will cheat your money, the arts graduate will flirt & you just look like another dead body who has no feelings. Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, & even if he does, he is too dumb to lie you about that.

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Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find- rich enough (as we all know money is not everything but it feels good to cry in an Audi than to cry alone), will try to understand & please you, has no time for affairs (as their only other girlfriend is their laptop) & he is too dumb to lie you.


So girls, why delay? Get an engineer as your boyfriend.

☺   ☺   Dedicated to all engineers & all the smart girls who has engineer as their boyfriend ☺   ☺




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