1.     Endorsement in blank
*Endorsement in blank means an endorsement made by the endorser without writing the name of the endorsement.
*The instrument is payable to bearer even though originally payable to order.
2. Endorsement in full
Special endorsement means an endorsement made by a holder by-
(a)  Signing his name; and
(b)  Added a direction to pay the amount to a specified person.
2.     Restrictive endorsement
*An endorsement which restricts the right of further negotiation is called as restrictive endorsement.
4. Partial endorsement
*An endorsement which purports to transfer only a part of the amount of the instrument is called as partial endorsement. Partial endorsement is not valid at law.
5. Conditional endorsement
An endorser may, by express words in the endorsement-
(a)  Make his liability, or
(b)  Make the right of endorsee to receive the amount
Depend upon the happening of a certain event, although such event may never happen.

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