teenagers lie


Most parents face a common problem that their teens are never honest and lie all the time. Lying is something common among teens and there are clear reasons, why they do it. Here are some reasons why teens lie

  1. When done something wrong: This is most common reason why Teenagers lie. Off course they do not want to be punished for the wrong that they have done, so in order to save them from the punishment given by the parents so make up stories to cover up the situation.
  2. When they fear parental reaction: Most parents give harsh punishments when they find out that their kids have done something wrong without bothering that their teens aren’t kids anymore. So teenagers with the fear of their parent’s reaction lie to them about the things happening to them.
  3. When they want to prevent them from disappointments: Parents have a lot of expectations from their children, so rather than to avoid getting into trouble teens lie because they do not want to disappoint their parents and let them down. Even though people feel that teens do not bother about their parents but the truth is somewhere deep within they do respect their parents and their feelings. Punish is something that is received and done but losing your parents respect or trust could be even worse.
  4. When they feel their parents won’t understand them: Often parents due to their own understanding and beliefs fail to understand what is going in their teens mind. So even if teens wish to express their problems or troubles to their parents, it could happen that parents may not understand, so they feel it’s preferable to lie rather than saying the truth.
  5. When they do not want to be controlled: Parents at times want their kids to act the way they want them to be which is not acceptable. Teens like to handle their life by themselves independently which their parents controlling over them every time.
  6. When they want to hide things: Teens also lie when they trying to hide something from others. For example, most parents do not like their teens to drink, smoke or party late nights, so teens try and hide these things from their parents with the fear of offending them.
  7. When they are restricted: Teens which to live life without interference and what to do things as per their will, so when they are not allowed to do so they lie.
  8. When they want to create a distant identity: Wanting to match up with the world or their peers they try to make up an identity different from what they are so they lie to prove people they are not changed.
  9. When they do not want to look stupid or immature: Teens, if they have done something wrong or do not want to show that they cannot handle themselves maturely they lie to keep up their status.
  10. When they are burdened with unwanted rules: Parents at times put up unnecessary rules on their teens so to prevent them from such rules they lie to their parents.

Understanding the reasons for lie is essential to avoid using LIE to save one from obstacles. It’s better to speak the truth and face the consequences or punishment given by your parents rather than falling into a deep pit which could be more hard to overcome.

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