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Latest Update  on 20th Feb 2015 : Tybms Sem 5 November 2014 Exam Results (75-25) Declared

TYBMS Sem 5 CBSGS, Sem 5 CBSGS ATKT, Sem 5 Revised ATKT, Sem 6 CBSGS ATKT, Sem 6 Revised ATKT Exams were conducted between 3rd November 2014 to 21st November 2014.

This year, a total of:

  • 10,722 students had appeared for B.M.S.(Sem.V)(CBSGS)(75/25) exams,
  • 617 students had appeared for B.M.S.(Sem.V)(CBSGS)(60/40) ATKT exams,
  • 226 students had appeared for B.M.S.(Sem.V) (Revised) ATKT exams,
  • 2403 students had appeared for B.M.S.(Sem.VI)(CBSGS) ATKT exams,
  • 570 students had appeared for B.M.S.(Sem.VI) (Revised) ATKT exams.

As per the past trends, Mumbai University declares the TYBMS results 45-60 days after the exams i.e. results may be declared after 15th January 2015 for BMS Sem 5 CBSGS and after 1st February 2015 for BMS Sem 6 ATKT exams. Officially, no confirmation date has been released by Mumbai University.  We will update the latest information on TYBMS 2014 results on this post / page. You can also check the information on the official website of Mumbai University. The process is described as below:

Steps to check the Result

  1. First visit the official website which is http://www.mu.ac.in/
  2. There is an option of Results Section which is http://www.mu.ac.in/Results.html
  3. Click on that link and select http://www.mu.ac.in/res_comm.html
  4. Results will be updated in this link soon


Last 4 years’ TYBMS results were declared on the following dates:

  1. Tybms Sem 5 November 2014 Exam Results (75-25) Declared
  2. TYBMS Sem 5 CBSGS Results 2013-14 Declared On 4 February 2014
  3. TYBMS Sem 5 Results 2012 declared on 19th January 2013
  4. TYBMS Sem 5 Results 2011 Declared on 7th March 2012
  5. TYBMS Sem 5 Results 2010 Declared on 3rd February 2011



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